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Speech on Christianity and Socialism as examples Society and Culture Benjamin Woudsma 22 Jun 2017
Research task on superconductors has all the outcomes in beautiful notes. Physics Dylan Kramer 22 Jun 2017
21/23 HOYP Assessment Alcohol Consumption - TO WHAT EXTENT DO AUSTRALIANS ENJOY GOOD HEALTH? Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Laura 22 Jun 2017
SGP - The consequences of high density development in Revesby. 48/50 Geography Benjamin Woudsma 22 Jun 2017
An essay on Curious Incident of the Dog at the Night time . Got 17/20 English Standard Nickita 22 Jun 2017
This file includes my notes along with some diagrams. Biology comic_freak 22 Jun 2017
These are notes for Patterns in Nature Biology comic_freak 22 Jun 2017
Scientific Report Discussion assessment for Practical: Effect of TEMPERATURE on enzyme activity (catalase) Biology Olivia Panov / Tania Fernandez 22 Jun 2017
Lab Report for Environment & Phenotype Practical, received 15/15 Biology M Eveleigh 22 Jun 2017
Report on the Natural Selection Model (matchsticks), received 15/15 Biology M Eveleigh 22 Jun 2017
2004 Arthur Phillip High School Prelim Yearly (No Solutions) Biology Rathin Shah 22 Jun 2017
Human Resources Notes 2017 All Business Studies Jake Roberts 7 Jun 2017
Functions and Relations review. Examples of different types of graphs Mathematics HMax 4 Jun 2017
Critical Response: "Sexuality and the Supernatural in Dracula and The Tempest" English Extension 2 ml125 4 Jun 2017
Dracula/Nosferatu/Shadow of the Vampire essay 19/20 "Texts are transformed and appropriated into new texts due to the changed values in context." English Advanced Amy Walker 4 Jun 2017
Skills Test with Marking Criteria Biology SSC Blackwattle Bay Campus 23 May 2017
Skills Test with Marking Criteria Biology SSC Blackwattle Bay Campus 23 May 2017
Biophysical environment: notes on the functioning and interactions of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. Geography Anonymous 22 May 2017
Role of technology in instigating social change in China Society and Culture ME 17 May 2017
Preliminary historical investigation task on the Rape of Nanking; got overall mark of 33/35 - 23/25 for research and 10/10 for bibliography. Modern History Louisa 17 May 2017
Received 19/20 for this. Based on Jasper Jones and The Railway Man. Feedback is provided too. :) The need more quotes for prescribed text means one more quote in each paragraph. English (Area of Study) Gallen88 17 May 2017
Helped me heaps, scored 15/15 for listening as, good luck!! English Advanced JSC 17 May 2017
Notes on Wilfred Owen for Module B in relation to the 2015 HSC and beyond. English Standard Andrew Grieco 17 May 2017
Physics Research Task - Electrical Safety in Devices Physics Leorio 9 May 2017
Mental Health assessment task Personal Development, Health and Physical Education A. Macdonald 9 May 2017
2014 Roseville Prelim MX1 HY Mathematics Extension 1 roseville college 9 May 2017
Half Yearly Paper and Solutions (calculus, series, probability, integration) Mathematics SSC Blackwattle Bay Campus 9 May 2017
Othello notes - The Deceptive Character of IAGO English Standard Leorio 9 May 2017
Distinctively visual essay (In A Dry Season + The Pioneer) English Standard Leorio 9 May 2017
OUTSTANDING 19/20 Emma and Clueless Essay (selective school) English Advanced me 9 May 2017
somewhat easy to follow, got a bit lazy and copied and pasted directly from a site -link provided in document- also most ideas taken from HSC study lab or "Biology in focus" textbook, or notes/sheets from my class. Biology sage_slayer 9 May 2017
2011 Christchurch Earthquake Case Study (Cause of the disaster, distance apart, damaged caused, cost to the economy, future predictions, prediction tech. solutions) Band 6 Earth and Enviromental Science Sarah S 9 May 2017
Nature of Religion and Beliefs (Stage 6 Part 1 Syllabus) Studies of Religion Jianna Escalera 17 Apr 2017
Basic legal concepts notes Legal Studies Em Grice 2 Apr 2017
The Tempest Study Notes from a band 6 James Ruse student English (Area of Study) Kevin Shin 31 Mar 2017
Detailed Notes i used for my preliminary exams received a mark of 96% Agriculture Mikayla Carey 31 Mar 2017
crime complete notes as of march 2017- all syllabus points + color-coded laws/cases/media Legal Studies Anonymous 23 Mar 2017
Creative writing on discovery got 14/15 English (Area of Study) Martin Aldridge 23 Mar 2017
Legal Studies rights of victims, offenders and society essay 13/15 :) Legal Studies Olivia Panov 19 Mar 2017
Legal Studies Young Offenders essay for half early exams :) 13/15 Legal Studies Olivia Panov 19 Mar 2017
Additional Material notes. Outlines content, links with course text and important notes and quotes English Extension 1 Katherine Nolan 19 Mar 2017
Discovery Speech (25/25) The Tempest & Fahrenheit 451 - Sophisticated response re: concept of Discovery English (Area of Study) Hugh Duffield 19 Mar 2017
othello and O comparative essay - recieved 18/20 English (Area of Study) brij patel 19 Mar 2017
2016 Half Yearly Engineering Exam - Civil and Telecommunications Engineering Studies Singleton High School 19 Mar 2017
MAB all notes w.pracs Biology brij patel 19 Mar 2017
Practical Report - Effect of varying distance, strength and speed of the magnet on current generated in a coil - 100% Physics M Eveleigh 15 Mar 2017
motors and generators notes with pracs Physics brij patel 15 Mar 2017
motors and generators notes with pracs Physics brij.patel 15 Mar 2017
Changing Perspective Speech - 54/60 English Standard Brendan Fuller 15 Mar 2017
The Gothic Genre: Creative Writing Full Marks English Extension 1 Claudia Pecora 15 Mar 2017

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