The team at Bored of Studies have put together some helpful information regarding the scaling and marks system for the NSW HSC. For more information or if you have any questions, please visit our Community/HSC Forum.

  •    Student Assessment Modeller™ (SAM)
    This revolutionary service tells you all you need to know about your HSC marks and courses in relation to the UAI.

  •    SAM FAQ Knowledgebase
    Coming soon - The Bored Team has almost finished compiling a comprehensive knowledge database, which should provide answers to any and all questions you might have regarding SAM, scaling and the UAI.

  •    Scaling of Courses
    The marks in all HSC courses must undergo a scaling procedure before they can contribute towards your UAI. This list provides a brief comparison of how HSC courses have been scaled in the past three years.

  •    Capping/Maximum Marks
    The old HSC allowed students to exploit the system by 'dumbing down'. In order to discourage this, many courses now have a maximum scaled mark imposed upon them.

  •    Explanation of the Moderating of Assessment Marks
    This forum thread describes the moderating process in detail.

  •    Prototype Assessment Moderator
    We've created a small program to assist in demonstrating the moderating process.

  •    Explanation of the Aligning of Exam Marks
    An official Board document which briefly outlines the aligning process.
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