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    im interested in buying some of artbooks , email me

    im interested in buying some of artbooks , email me
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    Retail Operations

    there are some really good notes for retail studies on
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    Is any one here, getting the Newspaper tonite?

    hi i got the paper at 9 and congrats to everyone i got in to aus cath with a bach of secondary teaching in vis arts
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    Who here got nominated for art express?

    anyone get a nomination letter today??? or know thye got in and havent recieved a letter yet?
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    Dt Overall

    Well people it is all over for dt no more project or exam I would say that it was a fair exam and everyone should have a good chance. I answered question 14 aswell Please rate you over opinion of how u found the exam:argue:
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    DT Ranks...

    1/14 was really happy coz i got in year 11 to
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    help with a trial answer

    It mean when something can be made into to parts like a kitchen where it can be divided up sperated and isnt whole as one unit. Which makes it easier to replace parts and divide the unit up as required creating a more practical and flexible solution to the consumer
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    School Formal

    hey loz its me jas yeah our formal is at ajc in randwick its close to the city so good for after parties and yeaits going to be about 100 to thats about the average for yeer 12 formals i think