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    Cloudstreet Question?

    Hey everyone, I've been looking at past cloudstreet questions, which have been having a bit of a jaw dropping effect on me. So - I must ask, what have you/your teachers predicted? Do you think it will be as specific as asking only questions on quick or fish or techniques? Please answer, a...
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    Is anyone else doing the Smithsonian Website?

    what are your arguments/texts?
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    Is anyone else doing the Smithsonian Website?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Callback for video?

    Hey everyone, I know everyone are getting their callback nominations atm - does anyone know what the lowdown is for dance major technology? Thanks x
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    BOW Video Length

    What is the maximum time for film? Thanks!
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    Challenging conventions essay question

    Hi everyone, I just got an essay on how the intention of an artist is to challenge convention and status quo. Any ideas on artists/topics I should choose? Thanks!
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    i major in dance and film-- anyone else?

    I'm also doing film, my teacher hasn't really told me what is required though soI hope it ticks the boxes... How is everyones going?
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    How are everyones films going?

    Hey Everyone! How are all the films going? I hope they're going amazingly. Mine's all done, just need to work on my Reflection Statement. :)
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    Creative Writing Ideas

    I am totally dry for my creative writing exam tomorrow. Does any one want to post some topics - or their creatives for inspiration? Anything would help! Thanks.
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    Ext. II English people- Finished your first draft yet?

    Hey :) I'm doing a film, and finished filming and editing the other day. I am showing my teacher tomorrow. Hopefully success. Hope you're all going well.
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    Extension 2 dance

    Is there really such a thing as Extension 2 dance? I would just like to say to the people exclaiming that 'dancers are dumb' that that is a ridiculous generalisation of the stereotypical dancer. It's like saying all Asians need glasses, though an extremely bad example. I personally am...
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    Camera's and Editing Software

    I had this problem, and what it really boils down to is what your editing with. For a mac, tape is the ONLY way to go in my mind. I have tried several HDDs with it, none to work, and dvd are a totally wrong format, so not even an option. Tape doesn't lessen the quality or anything? - Why do you...
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    Just curious...

    I am also doing film, I haven't started the actual filming yet, but am ready to. What subjects are you guys doing?
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    What video camera did you use?

    I am using a sony hv7. :) beautiful camera.
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    Romanticism essay - helppp.

    "More than anything else, romanticism is a celebration of the Self; and, to the Romantic composer, it was the expression of a personal experience that links one human being to another and all human beings to the wider truth." Could someone please help me interpret this? I am going to focus on...