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  • oh k, well done :)

    ahh, I'm in kind of a bad situation haha.. my only ideal course is Medicine, and my UMAT was very bad ~60.. My first preference was adv sci @ uws because of the possibilities of obtaining a first year transfer to medicine after retaking the umat. But yeah, I changed my preferences now for 2nd round and made optom first preference.. but even if I do get it, if medicine is still my aspiration, then a 5 yr undergraduate degree probably wouldn't be ideal.
    So I guess its uws adv sci and hope for the best for UMAT.. gosh, I hate the UMAT aha
    hi there,
    I noticed you gained entry into unsw optom, congrats :)
    do you mind letting me know what your umat was ?
    hey there, i wanna buy BIOLOGY IN FOCUS
    btw what is the difference between OPTION TEXT BOOK COMMUNICATION and HSC BIOLOGY IN FOCUS TEXT BOOK?

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