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  • Yeah Villa can get into top 4 next year with a couple of good signings and if they dont lose anyone. Ive seen Avram Grant as a rumour to go to West Ham. Hopefully he takes your club up as he did a pretty good job at Portsmouth and notices you too!

    My team? I thought you went for Villa too? But thanks anyway, i hope they qualify for Champions League this year. Then next year using the money and credibility you get from the CL they buy a world class forward and mid.

    Good luck for West Ham and hope all the people around them stuff up. With Aston Villa demolishing all Portsmouth, Hull and Blackburn.
    Oh yeah about FA Cup. Disappointed at Wembley again. I think Terry is a dick that was a terrible tackle. There should have been at least 1 red in that game either to him or Obi Mikel on Agbonlahor.

    You know, i actually believe we could finish 4th. Our last fixtures are the easiest out of us, tottenham and Man City. I think if we win 5 and draw or lose 1 we could get 4th. So if we play our best we can get 4th. The only reason im not hetting my hopes up is due to our bad scoring record.But if we play our best its possible. Our final matches:

    Everton, Portsmouth, Hull, Birmingham, Man City, Blackburn. (its possible to win 5 hopefully)

    And if we dont got that good i think we'll finsh above Tottenham who have the hardest remianing fixtures and maybe Liverpool so we'll finish 5th.

    PS. i hope West Ham can stay in the Premier League. I think Portmouth, Burnley and Hull are going down.
    i hope studies of religion doesnt turn out to be very boring.
    Your doing a combined degree in law and engineering, you must be a braniac.
    thanks for giving me hope of achieving a good atar with the subjects i'm doing.
    so youve been in my position, you got forced to do studies of religion and i have to do legal, hope yr 11 passes quick.
    how was studies of religion in yr 11 was it boring ?
    yea even my teacher my telling me that your rankng is very important.

    wat are you doing at uni? , since you've reached a very good atar.
    The subjects you did were all good scalers. I'm doing maths 2unit but 3unit in yr 12, adv english, bio, chem, legal and studies of religion.

    The subjects you did were all good scalers. I'm doing maths 2unit but 3unit in yr 12, adv english, bio, chem, legal and studies of religion.

    im thinking to drop legal the first chance i get because i didnt choose it but our school is very small, so they made the timetable in a way that every hsc student has to do legal.
    do u think its possible to get a high atar with these subjects?

    anyways, thanks for your help. :]
    Yeah man.
    Partied like every week after HSC haha.
    Thanks btw for the recommendations and that post you put on my thread.
    Really appreciate it :)
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