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    What is the exact definition of prevalence?

    Hi all, I’m studying For my upcoming assessment task in infectious and non-infectious diseases and have a query about prevalence. say there was a population of 300 fish in a pond. there was a disease-causing pathogen that subsequently infected 50 fish in the population, 10 of which died...
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    Vectors Help

    I don’t know if my diagram explains so I will do so briefly using words. in part a, you are being asked about the projection of the force F (which is essentially another vector) onto the line l. So the resultant vector should have the same direction (3i + 4j) as l, but lengthwise truncated by a...
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    Internals inquiry

    Hi all, This is an inquiry relating moderation Of internal assessment tasks for maths extension 1 (and in general all subjects). this goes back all the way to term 1 when we sat our task 1. The weighting was 25% and included inverse functions, integration and trig (I.e. Auxiliary angles Etc)...
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    Raw mark inquiry

    Hi all, I know I might’ve skipped a lot of essential readings beforehand, but I’m Just recently confused about the raw marks required for the top band of all subjects. i do the following subjects: - biology - chemistry - English advanced - maths extension 1 - maths extension 2 - SOR 1 (spare...
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    HSC mark inquiry

    Hi all, I’m in year 12 as of may 2020 and have a query about how your HSC marks for each subject is determined. at the start of the year, our year coordinator told us that we have to sweat every subject that we do - even if we do above 10 units - because our marks for each subject will...