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  • Hi how are you?
    You don't know me; but I would like to a have a chat to you about the UBS cadetship program.
    I was reading through some comments about the program and understaand you have applied for it last year.I am considering applying, and would like to ask you a couple of questions:)
    Can i please have your email address?
    my turban is better but :(
    if you complete the dare you get a locket of my hair, and my undying respect... both of which are priceless :eek:
    nah i don't want the camel it's humps will make the ride bumpy, and besides i want the long trunk to slide off :p you can have the damn camel, but i won't give you the turban, then the dare fails then you owe me 1 L of your blood and your right kidney :devil:
    fine i'll take the elephant... typical male you are, always leaving the girls with the elephants hmph.
    and then afterwards we can have dinner.. i've always wondered what elephant tastes like.. :p
    LOL well when you say it like that of course it sounds stupid :p
    but see if we steal an elephant they'll be too busy trying to stop it that no one will notice the camel.. and IF we're able to steal the elephant too well then come formal time and you'll be spoiled for choice. :D
    yeah sure in our pockets awesome.
    so i'll distract the zookeeper.. i'll try stealing an elephant or something, and then you quickly grab the camel and sneak out the back yeah.. and don't get alice the camel, apparently she's a horse or something :p
    i can fix you up with a turban but the camel will be a bit of a problem...
    does taronga zoo have camels? do you reckon we could kidnap one... no one will notice right :p
    Ahaha I love how all these people I know are slowly finding me on BoS *during* exams. Procrastination is so great. :p
    hey mate thanks for the email! without that i would have forgotten to check my other email account haha. i made a new fancy sounding one for applying for jobs and stuff.. and i haven't checked it for ages. but yeah i looked and i've got the email sounds like fun! good to meet people before ay. by chance i know another girl coming cos our little brothers are best friends. small world! yeah i'm chilled about the hsc. i'm not going too hard. its tempting to prepare for things other than english though haha i hate english =[ what about you?
    Hey I just saw that u do accounting at tafe and u did the hsc exam for it last year. What did u get for it? cause i thought id get over 90 cause i had gotten that in all the other tests but at the actual test i just got a pass which is 50-70 so im really scared about that..almost everyone in my whole tafe failed the test so i dunno if everyone went bad so wel get scaled up or if just our tafe did really bad..howd u go and the rest of ur tafe?
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