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    Damn. That's...fast
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    I'm struggling too. Especially because of moles falling during the time of online learning. Apparently it's a really important topic for y11 and y12. Gotta learn this entirely new concept myself :( Also i keep comparing myself to people in my class who seem to be cruising through everything and...
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    I can't wait until i finish HSC!

    I can't wait until i finish HSC!
  4. B1andB2

    2021 HSC Chat

    I pick out the questions which are not easy, and not incredibly hard. I avoid repeating questions, try choosing questions of different style. I don't go by hours, just work on it until i feel confident (sometimes 30 min, sometimes 1 hr). I do development and try to attempt enrichment questions
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    2021 HSC Chat

    I'm finding online learning really difficult. Our school doesn't use zoom, just puts up all the work and 'there, teach yourself'
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    2021 HSC Chat

  7. B1andB2

    Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    since the premier is also liberal she'll go with Scomo probs
  8. B1andB2

    What is the effect of imagery?

    oh wow, this was 15 years ago...
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    Free HSC 2u maths and Chemistry tutoring

    low-key seems to good to be true...
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    How's everyone coping with Year 11 so far?

    You get a bunch of free periods?? LUCKYY (i have 0)
  11. B1andB2

    How's everyone coping with Year 11 so far?

    Quite overwhelming. Im doing ext maths, adv eng, french continuers, modern and chem. Like you, im finding chem the most content heavy and fast paced.Apart from that, everything has being going okay. I'm really enjoying my subjects and assessments are coming up soon!! (*cri*) What i'm finding...
  12. B1andB2

    anyone go to Dr Du right now?

    Depends on your class. A1 get taught by du, other classes get taught by ex students