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    Cnnnn (abc Tv)

    CNNNN Rocks PLUG: My CNNNN Website : http://bacco007.host.sk/modules.php?name=News&new_topic=6 :)
  2. bacco|007

    q21a and b

    Gantt Chart & Process Diary
  3. bacco|007

    When do you finish your HSC?

    thats me too :)
  4. bacco|007

    Too Big?

    agreed :) The thing that has got me peeved is that for WWI about 4 marks out of the 30 are for any 'other' knowledge you have (used in question 2)
  5. bacco|007

    Police Visit yet?

    Serious Question (+ there is a poll too :) )
  6. bacco|007

    UAC applications

    Student No: Same as BoS Student Number PIN: 4 digit number sent to you by UAC
  7. bacco|007

    Who did the Independent?

    If the your centre number matches the centre number of the teacher then they cannot mark the paper (but are allowed to look at i believe :()
  8. bacco|007


    from memory - Orange is only CDMA
  9. bacco|007

    favourite song at the moment.

    hehe :)
  10. bacco|007

    Power Play

    * Wag The Dog * Alan Moir Cartoon [In the Rough]
  11. bacco|007

    i found some web sites on biochemistry

    Some of the dotpoints are covered in the Forensic Chemistry section of Excel.. :)
  12. bacco|007

    Muckup Day/Week: Ideas, Photos Etc

    Re: Vandelism free, untracable, non harmful pranks For those schools running the Win2k networks - turn off the printers and use YR12 Student accounts and print pages of crap (make sure you keep the printers off tho :p)
  13. bacco|007

    Muckup Day/Week: Ideas, Photos Etc

    Re: Silver nitrate you say.... Our schools cabling for the backbone goes through our commonroom :) :) :)
  14. bacco|007

    Muckup Day/Week: Ideas, Photos Etc

    BoS/DET have told schools that damage WILL NOT be accpted and students found damaging DET property will be dealt with by the Police and will NOT sit their HSC
  15. bacco|007

    Yr12 Jerseys: Whats Urs Like??

    ours look pretty cool (except fror the bloody large CCC logo down the front) Blue on one side and red and yellow on the other We wernt allowed to get names or numbers on ours either :(