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    need help changing to be(electrical)/bsc(maths)

    dude, what's wrong with melissa? (...i think we're talking about the same person, ... sits at the computer on the far left?) --- anyway, to do elec eng/science you go off the elec eng/comp sci program outline (on eet website) or the elec eng/sci program (handbook site). Do all the...
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    that's a pretty simple-minded arguement firstly, if there were no restrictions, heaps of people would want to do med. they wouldn't physically have the space or the staff numbers to cope with the demand. obviously they would have a method of choosing their students.... oh lets see, shall we...
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    Elec VS Mecha for robots (pls help, gotta decide to confirm coop offer)

    are you going to do a postgrad in robotics? if so, where?
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    Thinking of studying mechatronics...questions

    i'm probably doing mechatronics how it works is aero/mech/etc. are all common in the first 2 years then third year you choose to focus on one
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    Late enrolment!

    end of march?
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    dear god, howard as head of state?
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    so what time can we get our UAI's?

    or maybe its to reduce the server load :P
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    so what time can we get our UAI's?

    they should make it an annoying animated gif :P
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    What do you want in a UAI predictor?

    or it means their uai is below 60 :D
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    multipule choice answers

    oops i was looking at 14 heheheh
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    multipule choice answers

    13 is c
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    SMH article

    by considering radiation in packets, you can only have a few high energy packets because you have a finite total energy better than my bio techer.... she says "thats a good question, how about you do some research on that as homework"
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    water stuff

    hm.... true.. although it was taken out of the middle column
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    water stuff

    hahahhaah have fun studying for the water tests, cause i know i won't why? because its not int the syllabus anymore :D
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    Prac Reports: Fertiliser prac, Esterification prac, Saponification prac

    but you don't want accuracy :P cause you need to write about improvements :D