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Her dad's lessons came easy to her as she gave Corinne a quick kiss and lightly smacked her ass as Beth laughed. Corinne gasped and then smiled at her, grabbing her hand as they walked over to Tom as he stood ready at the trailhead.

"So big boy," flirted Corinne, "ready to lead us home?"

Beth and Corinne swept up on him, each snuggling on either side of him. Tom looked slightly worried as looking up at him were mischievous grins, while he felt their hands fondling him through his jeans.

"You keep doing that, we'll never get there," he rumbled softly as he found himself hard quickly from their questing hands.

Pouting, Corinne pushed her lip out playfully in response to him. He watched as Beth moved over and lightly sucked on Corinne's lip before kissing her deeply in front of him.

"Mmm, ok, point taken Beth," Corinne said breathlessly as they broke away. "Let's get going and back to civilization."

Corinne set an easy gait as Tom followed with Beth bringing up the rear. Beth glanced back at the camp, sunlight filtering down through the trees and realized she'd never forget her night here.

Smiling, she caught up with the group as they headed down the trail.

Beth found herself watching Tom's body as they hiked. Muscular but not overly so, she noted how he picked good lines to not over exert himself with his heavier pack.

She enjoyed watching his legs and arms flex and move, idly wondering how he'd look naked. She found herself daydreaming about him over her as she wrapped her legs around him as he moved in and out of her.

When they stopped for a drink overlooking the last valley before the trailhead, Beth sat down next to him on a fallen log as they rubbed shoulders.

"Thanks again Tom. I don't want to think what could have happened if two hadn't shown up," Beth said honestly to him.

"No problem at all, honest! Anybody would have done the same," Tom said humbly, his toe idly rubbing a circle in the dirt.

"Well, I wouldn't have done the same this morning for anybody," flirted Beth as she kissed him lightly. "I just mean it, thanks."

She watched as Tom blushed slightly from sexual innuendo and from her honesty. He had that 'ahh shucks' look about him as they smiled at each other.
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