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Recent content by beccabum

  1. beccabum

    Where's best?

    UOW has both of those languages, and you could either of them with psych in either BA(psych) or B Psych with either a major or minor in the language or a BA/B Psych double degree.
  2. beccabum

    Double major

    it is possible - i'm doing a double degree (arts/sci) and within arts i'm doing both french and resource & environmental studies. i'll be at uni for at least 5 yrs, possibly more.
  3. beccabum

    NSW Central Coast

    Hi, just wondering what there is around the Central Coast, specifically around Wyong/The Entrance/Tuggerah/Terrigal probably - what are some things to do, nice beaches to go to, other things to see etc. I'll be going there in late September for between 3 and 5 days (unsure as yet). Thanks for...
  4. beccabum

    Penguin, Tasmania

    Yes, I've been to Penguin too, when I was 9. And I have a photo with me hugging the big penguin statue too, like I'm guessing most tourists would. Can't remember anything else about it though.
  5. beccabum

    Lighthouse, romance

    there's a really nice one on a little island off the coast of New Caledonia, called Phare Amede. Wonderful view from the top - blue lagoon, this little tropical island, but it's very windy up there! and becuase they only do daytrips there you couldn't stay up on top that long... and there is...
  6. beccabum

    Bad Lecturers

    yes and i'd be one of those hundreds who don't have the foggiest what's going on.. Monday wk 5 (yesterday) was a really bad lecture, and it was a guest lecturer too, but it just seemed to be a really random topic, just stuck in there so we could all sit for an hour being bored. I had to laugh...
  7. beccabum

    Where do you want your degree to take you?

    i like uni better because there are more guys. and they are generally smarter. and more mature. well, usually.
  8. beccabum

    Where do you want your degree to take you?

    you mean i can't stay a uni student forever??? hmm well in that case i guess i might end up working for the government, prolly in canberra, then do a stint os.. england/belgium/france/another eu country.. who knows what? i'm doing my course coz i am (mainly) interested in it. i am definitely...
  9. beccabum

    Sign In Here UOW'ers

    i'm starting my BA this year got into ce - catered. gonna be aaaawwwwesome.
  10. beccabum

    Whats your major?

    as the title says. i'm only starting my degree this year, but i'm hoping to do european studies - i'll just see if i like it. i only know that i want to do language(s) and this seems like the best option. plus europe is awesome :)
  11. beccabum


    my friend was there about a month ago... so jealous! SHe said the people there were incredibly nice even tho the only word she knew in japanese was thank you! You can get any drink in a can, including hot coffee! The fashion in tokyo seems pretty out there from what i've heard. My aunt was in...
  12. beccabum

    Anyone been on a Contiki Tour???

    i did a contiki tour in july this year - "european vista" - for 21 days in france, italy, austria, switzerland, germany and the netherlands. contiki has a few types of tours, camping, hotels or hostels. it is expensive when you add on everything like lunches, extra sightseeing, beer money.. but...
  13. beccabum

    Wagga Wagga

    yeh well this bloke that i met from sydney was all serious when he asked me where was my akubra... as if it was the law that you had to or something.. i was kinda freaked out... meh. and katie123 - if u get the chance, go to a b&s! be prepared to get yukky!!
  14. beccabum

    Wagga Wagga

    well i live a further 200km west of wagga, in a place about half the size. wagga is the biggest city for a looooooong distance. and because of your degree, wouldn't you have to do a rural placement anyway? don't feel you've been so hard done by... sorry to say it, but it sounds sad that you...
  15. beccabum

    Malaysia and Singapore... who's been?

    I was in singapore and malaysia for about a month ago. when i went to malaysia it was just a daytrip up to melaca, but the differences between the two countries are amazing. as soon as you cross the border you notice it. Because i had spent 3 months backpacking around europe and didn't want...