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    Question about Scholarship~

    Apply way before the HSC exams start... Sometime around July/August..
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    Question about Scholarship~

    You have to apply for them, and if you're successful you'll be shortlisted to attend an interview and which after that they'll confirm whether you've recieved a scholarship or not. Cheers
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    New Student ID Cards

    Join the
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    Diagnostic Tests!!!

    What are the things we should expect to be tested on? Simple stuff? ie 100+100? Or Integration, Differation, Calculus etc? Cheers
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    Student ID Cards

    You serious? OMG...thats so not cool. I got my student ID Card today and the photo is horrible...I look retarded. :mad1: Are you sure there is no other way to get a new photo on there? Lose excessive amounts of weight? Growth a mad beard/facial hair?
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    BOS engineering camp roll-call

    I'm going on Camp 1....
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    Student ID Cards

    Well when the issue new student cards for returning students at the start of each year, do they take new photos? Cheers
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    Student ID Cards

    Hey If i get a new replacement Student ID Card do they take a new photo? Or would my photo already be on record and they simply print out another card without taking a photo? Cheers
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    Orientation Day 12th or 20th?

    I'm going on the 12th since there is an engineering camp and i might be going on it!
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    MyAdmin and UTSOnline

    Hey Whats the difference between UTS online and Myadmin? Cheers
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    Orientation Day 12th or 20th?

    Is there such thing as an O-week at UTS? So its just two days right? And not inbetween those dates? Cheers
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    Who's doing engineering in 07?

    Awesome...i just got my letter from UTS confirming my scholarship! :)
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    Who's doing engineering in 07? you go to UTS...wat r u doing if you do go to UTS? Damn this...i feel the pain. :(
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    2007 UTS Offers

    Are you guys doing structural engineering? I guess i'll be seeing you guys this year. Your all 1st year right?