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    does anyone have their prelims for 3u math with their new syllabus? If you could share it would be so much help thanks :)
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    Chemistry DotPoints

    nah canvas has the biiiig 67 page thing. you know the little table that your teachers give at the start of each module? im looking for that
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    Chemistry DotPoints

    for bio aswell?
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    Chemistry DotPoints

    Where can i find the chemistry dotpoints for the new syllabus. not the 76 page thing but a brief outline of the syllabus type thing
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    thanks man figured it out :)
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    also why are the opening 4 Questions to Ex 2.11 in Fitzpatricks new syllabus book so hard. any help would be appreciated immensely
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    P,A,B,C are four points in order on a straight road that runs up a hillside and makes a constant angle of 10 degrees with the horizontal. A flagpole whose height is h meters stands at P. From A and B, the top of the flagpole has elevations of 30 degrees and 5 degrees respectively above the...
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    Past Papers Year 11 Extension 1 Half Yearly and Yearly

    Would anyone happen to have access to their past papers half yearly and yearly from their school. Our school deleted everything and yeaaaa. If you do could you please upload a link/ the files for them
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    HSC ADVANCED MATHS Random Variables

    WHy is tHiS SOOOO hard and how cani get better at it? It all looks impossible atm
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    2020-HSC chat

    How can i get better at stats in advanced maths (chapter 20 fitzpatrick).