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  • oh lol dunno dont think so
    i mite have low self confidence but not to the point for me to get treated
    btw does being a psychologist make u a better judge of people? like if that person is trustworthy or not
    i think in terms of substance use/mood im pretty normal, as for sleeping patterns it varies, like i stayed up till 5am last nite just to watch a show but thats cos its weekends but yea otherwise its pretty normal
    as for anxiety i do experience it quite a bit due to low self confidence and self worth and i get self unconscious but thats only happens around complete strangers
    haha omg really who?

    also i totally would've but we (my friends and i) were up towards the bar and you guys were in the crowd/mosh and we didn't want to lose our spots haha

    and yeah it was so great
    did you miss the supporting act?
    it was TERRIBLE
    kirin j wahtheiwrheir really needs to kill himself immediately srsly it was horrible

    and so weird seeing karen o blonde hey
    Fuck, I saw that movie yesterday with my uni friends and I was like "That's me!" and everyone laughed (including the Sydney Grammar guys behind us) lol.
    I think I was just checking messages and not replying because I was on the train trying to not fall asleep and I wasn't reading properly and I got a few shit uni results.

    No, I thought it was genuinely funny, and exemplary of the whimsical and quirky nature that I've come to admire you for.
    In conclusion, shit's cray.

    That's my statistical conclusion. (inb4 I write that on my stats test)
    No, I meant it's like 1 in 4 in sydney. Gosh.
    Gay capital of Australia. Gosh.

    (Also, I thought 10% of all people identified as gay. Must be a lot of lesbians.)
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