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  • hehe yeah i've been fine. got a job at woolies haha xD and started yr 12.. pretty scary..
    did you find a job yet? you were looking werent u?
    lol :D so did you go for schoolies? me and my friends are trying to figure it all out for next year, its hard to plan since we've got about 12 in our group <_<
    we're either going to Airlie Beach, or just the Coast, like Byron Bay.
    lmao what do you mean 'how bout you'?! i was the one who told you and then asked you.. so u can't ask me again! lol wow did that even make sense?! mehhh :D

    anywayss, have u seen eurotrip? my friends came over and we watched it- soo funny, yet so disturbing lol

    ooh, and do you like Harry Potter? I do :D haha anyways its like 1:40am, why am i still awake?! oh yeah cause im crazy, and a little hypo from sugar tehehehe.
    oops, sorry for the long delay! We had friends come up from Melbourne, and we did the whole tourist thing of Sydney haha :) We went to Kiama too, the Blow Hole was pretty average.. (oh the dirty jokes you could make out of that! haha XD)

    And School is FINALLY over! 2 weeks of holidays, woo :D How's your little life going? xx
    your family went on holidays without you? lol.
    Well it's gonna be school holidays in like a day, so woo! XD
    i feel bad for cluttering your page thing with useless fluff that is my life! sowwy! :)
    hehe yup, its a mixture of geography and geology and bits of every other science haha, its a joke.
    Yay I did business today and I don't think I failed XD What did u do today? more job searching or just chilled? the weather is nice :D
    hehe awesome, i know who to turn to when i need help with business =P haha sucked in, i only have to get up early 2 days. lol i can't wait to drop earth science, i hate it so much :D
    hehe :)
    i had an exam.. u have to ask? lol nah wasn't too bad. how was your day? what subjects did u take in yr 12?
    im curious :D
    ick, business and religion =P
    haha nice nice! Hopefully you get discounts for the games and just stand around playing them the whole shift XD
    tehe, its okie, i forgive you =P
    Yeah I'm alright too thanks. Just studying for Prelims haha. 3 more exams to go <_<
    you in uni?
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