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    BAULKO/JRAHS Specialist English Teacher (HSC 96, UNSW English WAM ~90 HD)

    if you need help with english then Bob is your man. He's concise, dedicated and has a unique teaching style which truly allows you to achieve your potential. He would always tell me that i had the potential to succeed in advanced english and he was right! His lessons really helped me to achieve...
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    Official countdown for HSC results.

    so cold so very cold
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    Official countdown for HSC results.

    omg omg omg 27 mins
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    Official countdown for HSC results.

    its harder when ur overseas , in a net cafe filled with smoking so nervous :(
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    Paper 2 Section 2 Module B

    i interpreted transition and self-awareness as intense emotions but also focussed on arrogance and fear within these? is it right to say transition and self awareness are emotions?
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    Exam Thoughts

    erm? i had tapeworm but it didnt say explain it just said name one.... why would tapeworm a macro parasite cause candidiasis (thrush) which is a fungal infection caused by microflora imbalance? erm thanks guys well if i ha 20 20 20 20 will i alteast get 1-2 marks? or isit just 0
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    Exam Thoughts

    why though? i thought the nitrogen bases are of equal value...? i said in the short term if the plants/animals cant adapt they might die out and in the long term become extinct...and in the short term endotherms will find it dfficult when temperatures become too high since their adaptations...
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    Exam Thoughts

    i had 20 20 20 20 SUM1 PLZ CONFIRM THIS for the love of god!
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    short answers

    dw i did that too....:( oh well Well questions that bugged me: firstly 3 of the multiple choice i got 3 wrong! shameful! the different alleles question where u list the genotypes (another 2 marks gone) i made it up like EeB i dno... human story was good what did ppl have for the estimation...
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    Multiple Choice

    guys what is the final answer for question 4 i put D?
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    Molar heat of combustion vs. Molecular weight.

    i got 1300, is that wrong ppl? my graph was a bit weird and very small lolol
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    Shipwrecks, Corrosion and Conservation

    dudes i realised when i got home that the 4 marker asking about the 4 scientists wanted to know the impact on society...i talked about what each scientist did i.e generate electricity, law of electrolyis without saying how that impacte on society....will i still get 4 marks if i talked about the...
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    General Thoughts - Chemistry

    you had to mention that wooden vessels were firstly built with some sort of metal ie copper in nails...then due to the changing attitudes about the corrosion in the ocean they started to find other metals which corroded less..then i tlked about sulfate reducing bacteria and finally steel which...
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    General Thoughts - Chemistry

    shipwrecks! erm i wrote about cathiodic protection and galvanising...structure of steel...the types of environments including sulfate reducing bacteria, low oxygen and acidity...yer btw whats the purpose of using the graphite electrode i put so it doesnt interfere with the reaction and cause...
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    Module A - Transformations

    i did the elements of marriage and moral reformation..i had 2 paragraphs about social structure so i integrated my social structure with marriage to make it seem like im tlking about only one...worked out good :)