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    would u do the subject again?

    i done allright in this subject but not really enjoyed it would you guys do the course again if you had to choose courses again, why/why not?
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    what band do you think you will end up in???? i think i might just get band 5
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    All Done

    Have to agree with you Nicky i didn't like the exam all that much i thought the multiple choice in a lot of them had 2 answers and the generalised option question were really dumb, they suited someone who hadn't been to class, not very smart by the board of studies to be saying that you...
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    How many people left?

    what school you at Lazy
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    How many people left?

    How many people were left in your legal studies exam after the three hours. At my school we had 5 out of 31.
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    What Band?

    What band do you think you'll end up in and How was your school marks?
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    after thoguhts???

    Didn't like the multiple choise at all. Short answers were pretty easy, like last yr. The crime question was good but to put everything down and have a good answer took long and ate into the essay time. I did the second Consumer essay, allright, nothing special, I suppose I'll have to...
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    Multiple Choice - Answers

    Thanks a lot I have a problem with question 15...i believe it should be B the formula is n = M ( (1 + r)n - 1 ----------------- r (1+r)n or (1 + 0.05)10 1 ------------------- x 1200 0.05 (1 + 0.05)10 = 9266.08
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    Question 25

    They could say it was a non-serious attemp and give 0 for the whole exam
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    a bit of luck, and a lot of charm. what sort of mark do u think you will get for the subject???
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    Accounting Cadetships

    what company is your cadetship through insominac?
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    Please Hurry

    Been doing allright in the subject, I would like 85+ I made some silly mistakes Did the independent paper and got 93%, but I was sick in the HSC exam What school you go to?/
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    Please Hurry

    awesome i'm looking forward to getting the results, but not really on the other hand. what mark you think your getting??
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    Please Hurry

    Thanks for taking one for the team STRESSED
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    A Printing Error In Question 8!!! Question Wont Count!!!

    THERE WAS NO MISTAKE !!!! You had to draw a line across to mark the breakeven point.