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  • In my case, it's definitely the teacher XD And yeah, I heard about that. Thanks for the tip Caffeine, I'll make sure I do that :) Haha I'll work hard but I'll make sure I relax too, don't want to say 'Couldn't be bothered!' when the HSC starts XD
    It's a mix. If there's one thing I've learnt is that we can all sit and hate the subject of English, but you have to do it so you might as well enjoy what you can out of it. It could be the teacher for some and not so for others :p

    Well that's good. A heads up while you're at it, make sure by the end of your prelim have all your notes organised + perfected. HSC is different but you'll find that many subjects will build off the base stuff in prelim. You'll find life easier if your prelim is already sorted.

    Enjoy the chill that is year 11 before HSC :p
    Hey Caffeine! :D I'm actually enjoying year 11! :) The subjects seem interesting and the teachers are great. Well, except for my English teacher. He is so boring haha.

    Haha, is it because of the teacher or the subject itself? XD
    Omg It's Ealsy, haven't heard from you in a while :p How's the beginning of Prelim for you?

    Yeah now that its term 2 it really does feel like year 12 now. To be honest I'm actually enjoying it all, going to school is actually interesting for once :p Except for English that will always be a nightmare subject that will put everyone to sleep XD
    Not really haha. When I go out, I prefer going to the cinemas or something haha. I don't like spending too much money if it isn't mine. When I get a part-time job, I might shop more :D
    Haha thank you like wise! Aww he needed heels i think :p
    Just kidding hahaha! I love any shop tbh haha!!!
    Are you a fan of shopping too? :p hahahha but i'm not that bad :p
    Haha puh lease even if you tried it wouldnt hurt me :p
    Yeah haha very sensitive.. poor thing! Next time you can come shopping :)
    Hahaha well than we will have to see about that.. But you can't not be nice, so all good!
    She didn't take me shopping! Damn right I am sensitive and upset over this! :p

    Ahahaha take that as a compliment I don't upset you ;)

    and if I don't keep it that way?
    Haha i know but "caffiene " seems good due to his coffee addiction. Lol :p and my actual name is Maryana but Mary is a nickname.. It honestly does not bother me haha!
    Haha i don't know his just very sensitive i guess. LOL because i told him
    he couldn't go shopping so he felt upset :( LOOOL
    Just joking! He does not get upset actually, he just makes people upset! Except for me :D
    Lol nah you both are nice( Me being honest ) keep if that way!!
    Haha, maybe I should :) He doesn't seem so innocent after your description XD And yeah it is haha. My parents would probably be like, what did you do?! :p

    Even though I know his forename and surname, most BoSers prefer calling each other by their usernames :) I don't mind if people use my real name via PM though :) For you, I think most people would call you "Mary" either way because you don't seem to mind :)

    Haha, how did you make him upset? I'm interested :D
    Hahaha good question Ealdoon. Maybe you should ask him that :p Haha he thinks he can get to me and make me upset but theres no way that is possible.. :)
    Hahaahahha!! That is crazy. Id hate having my picture on the library desk... Imagine your parents
    going and seeing your photo there, hahaha!
    haha yeah you are saying that because only i am interested.. Dw about " Caffiene" if thats what his name is here ;) Hahaha :p
    Nah "Caffiene" is nice, i just joke to make him upset which works hehe
    Thanks for that Youtube link, it's so interesting :) At least I have something else to do in my spare time instead of BoSing all day :D And yeah I'll try to go to the open day this year and ask about Psychology, really seems interesting now :) By the way, I'm not just saying this because both of you are interested in Psychology...or am I? ;)

    Haha Mary, how did you get photos of Caffeine in the first place? ;) Our school librarian has something similar actually. On her desk, she has photos of students who are banned from the library XD

    And now I'm interested, tell me more about how mean Caffeine really is :D
    Haha puhhhh lease. People would def disagree if they see how
    mean you are to me! Don't act innocent now :p truth always
    comes out :p
    Ealsy good on you for looking up social psychology! I'm considering that area of psychology and seeing how we work as groups etc.
    If you're interested watch these videos on some of the most famous social psychology cases.

    It's a playlist that the guy has put together:

    and yes go to open day it's extremely worth it to both year 11 and 12 students. Just ask questions though otherwise the trip will be useless. Go to the faculties etc. for the different courses and just ask.

    lol Mary I'll give posters to the shop security to say you're a known thief :P
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