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Recent content by chepas

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    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    Mon dieu dire que ce thread est toujours vivant apres 3-4 ans d'existence! Alors tout le monde, ca va!? J'ai pas visite BOS depuis le mois d'avril 2006 lol donc ca fait longtemps... Qu'est-ce qui a change dans le monde francophone du lycee hehe? Et oui goosefraba - d'ici jusqu'a` la fin...
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    Bienvenue (tardif!) au forum français, les 2006eurs! Please read first :D

    Je souhaite un bienvenue (un peu tardif!) a` la classe de français de 2006!!! Once again, welcome to the French forum! First and foremost, good luck with your studies, even if almost half the year is over! Little introduction: I'm the one they call chepas. I did the HSC in 2004 for...
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    So, who's doing some good old GERMAN ?

    www.amazon.de - cheaper alternative. My books that will have cost $110 from Co-Op cost just $45 from there. Shipping sorta makes it a bit more expensive, which makes this barely worth while (works out still to be cheaper with shipping etc, $A83), BUT if you can get a little collective order...
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    Arts (Lang) - Psych major?

    Hey wake_tonight. From what I can gather, you want to do three majors yeah? Your language, linguistics, and then psych on top of that? This isn't impossible, as people above have said. From a bit of skimming through the handbook, the prerequisites for a Psych major are: ... so you could...
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    Recording Language Lectures/Tutorials

    Probably not a bad idea, especially for people beginning the language. Though you'll probably find that you will do a lot of listening and repeating in the classes so maybe that will cover it. Also there will be cassettes and stuff available at the library, I imagine, and on the net in places...
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    questions regarding majors, honours and overloading

    For Honours: Personally I'm interested in doing it as a seperate year after the four year undergrad, purely because I want to be able to do certain units and sequences. For exchange: I'm looking at doing 2 semesters for exchange. The thing with doing study overseas is that you have to get...
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    questions regarding majors, honours and overloading

    In BA (Lang), you have the option to take the forth year of your degree as an Honours year with one of your majors, instead of continuing with the four undegrad subjects a semester. Like brogan said, in some cases you'll have to do some special Honours entry units to satisfy prerequisites for...
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    The CON!

    Ah k cheers Phanatical :). I actually got the enrolment and permission stuff sorted out at the end of last November, thanks to the Con thread in the music forum (I forgot all about this thread). Actually managed to get into Choir 1 and Choral Ensemble 1. Neil McEwan OKed them both...
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    BoS USyders 2006! (Roll Call)

    Bachelor of Arts (Languages) II Yay finally a minion :D.
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    I hate Target!

    That didn't seem to worry the my manager lol... Though twas my fault because I swapped with a guy for my 7-5 shift on that day because he needed to do something at night (when he was rostered on for 5-10). Again, something that didn't worried my manager.
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    I hate Target!

    ARGH greeting cards!!! I got blessed with about 5 locations in the middle reserve of hallmark cards and gift wrap and all that kind of crap. Took forever - time just stood still. And a lot of them scanned/keyed in as invalid, so in the end 3578 0694 it was. Was so tempting just to count...
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    I hate Target!

    :uhhuh:. Though I think the harrassing and hatred between reg sups and management is mutual. The full-time woman through the week is becoming more bitter each day that passes. But yet I like almost all the management where I am. Especially the one that doubles as Ops/Registers/Receiving...
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    B Arts (Languages) Contact Hours

    It's not a scholarship, it's just a bursary-type thing that the School of Languages and Cultures gives you to help for the compulsory exchange, to the tune of $5000 (which should do your airfare, and the majority of your souvenirs ;)). But to that/to stay in the degree you have to have a credit...
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    B Arts (Languages) Contact Hours

    G'day there, BA (Lang) is literally just an Arts degree but four years long instead of the pure BA's three. In that extra year, you have to complete an overseas exchange of at least 6 months in the country of your language major. In this respect, it's not the same as the pure BA degree, and...
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    2006 Subject Choices

    Sem 1: FRNC 3621 Senior French 5 FRNC 3863 Uses and Interpretation of Literature GRMN 2613 Senior German 3 MUSC 2615 Advanced Concepts ENSE 1015 Choir 1 Sem 2: FRNC 3622 Senior French 6 GRMN 2614 Senior German 4 MUSC 2614 Composition Workshop 1 MUSC 2685 Music of Bach ENSE 1002...