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    Transfer from B sci (maj in Phys) to Engi

    Hi, I am wondering if I could transfer from B sci (major in Phys) to Electrical Engineering after completion of first year in USYD. THanks
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    Transferring From MQ

    Hello, I wish to transfer to UNSW for Engineering. As general knowledge, I know that it requires me good 'GPA' or 'WAM' to successfully transfer. However, I am facing further problem. I am currently enrolled in Diploma Engineering in Macquarie. I realised that UNSW accepts diploma students...
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    Applying for Dorm

    oh ! thank you very much. By the way, do you know any further information for dorms ? Such as internet and laundry.
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    Applying for Dorm

    Hi, do you know when to apply for dorms ? I am looking forward to join UNSW next year. Thanks
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    Applying for just one university

    Hello, HSC is nearly coming to the end. I am nearly done with trials, and now facing to apply courses. One problem I am facing is that is it better to choose courses with different univeristy then choosing many courses just in one university ? What are your thoughts ?
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    Two different hydrogen equation in Chemistry

    Hello, to people who do chemistry and can explain this well will be my saviour. In chemistry data sheet, there is two half equations for HYDROGEN. I am confused what equation I have to use for reduction and what equation to use in oxidation.. Appreciate much help, thanks :)
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    2u or 3u math

    Hi. i did really well on this year final for math where my teacher accepted my for 3u. But the problem is all my other subjects is outside rank 20. Subject such as chem i dropped to 90 and physics to 70. Should i focus on 2u or try for 3u in this situation ?
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    year 11 3 unit Math

    Usually above average. But term 1 exam was under average. (First time to NSW high school)
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    year 11 3 unit Math

    Thanks for the advice. ^^
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    year 11 3 unit Math

    Aarondapho, thank you for the reply. Your information was very valuable. I am currently pre-studying year 11 extension 1 and find out easy. However, because of lack of condition due the time period, I messed up my math test. In consequence under average, in this situation do you think i can do...
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    year 11 3 unit Math

    Is 3 unit Math and Extension 1 Math in yer 11 same or different ?? I am interested in math and get decent marks, but I am not sure that if anyone wanting to do 3 unit Math can do it, for year 11. Helps ?