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    Career In Advertising

    advertising eh? be prepared to sell your soul! here's some links to start you off, hope they help:
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    Penguin, Tasmania

    was gonna move there several years ago, went there most recently in january this year. it's beautiful! i love tas, especially the north-west... penguin is such a beautiful town. i love tas so much that i plan to move to Hobart for one or two years to do my masters and travel around some...
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    Man sentenced to death in Afghanistan for converting to Christianity

    Itself. (and then, only when the Shi'ites and Sunnis aren't having a beef with each other!) Judging by the persistent bad press that Islam has been getting; i believe it is not unreasonable to come to the following conclusions: If Islam = peace, then; * Sharks are perfectly harmless...
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    Graphic design opportunities for students

    Word art makes me cry, scream and rant all at once. It is basically design suicide. however, some of the cover designs are alright. yeah, photoshop and in-design are practically married to each other, where's the photoshop?! i'm a third year visual communication student, but as we are...
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    Enquire: Design

    hmmm yea i want a job in the design industry. ur sig... billy blue logo... you want to go to the bb design school? work for bb creative? i did work experience at bb creative and well, they're good but having been there, i wouldn't put them on a pedestal or anything. there's probably better...
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    One Day Trip

    that's about right :) i wish i knew more about the sydney area so i could suggest somewhere specific... but i'm not local to these parts. good luck!
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    Taking a year off

    yeah, take a year off! i intend to do that sometime, since i didn't do a gap year... but not next year becoz my course is really exciting then (our class is pioneering a new design studio business), as it will be the year after (already planned that too). Hopefully within 5 years though...
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    How much is this steaming pile of crap worth?

    hmmm... a) artists, being creative/practical, like to show concepts in a unique, thought-provoking way. Their means of expression lies beyond the scope of a written paper. b) visual is more engaging and possibly reaches a wider audience (such as those who can't read the written word) c)...
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    How much is this steaming pile of crap worth?

    lol i just made it up then, so no. see with contemporary work, there's more than meets the eye. contemporary artists who produce crap like this usually have very strong concepts/social commentaries behind their work that justifies its existence (although not necessarily its price, $24m is...
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    How much is this steaming pile of crap worth?

    hmmm ... well there's the 'T' letterform towards the base... and the whole sculpture forms the letter 'A' which could symbolise that this work isn't intended for tightasses :cool: I think it represents relationships. The 'T' could stand for 'together' as it binds the two towers (2 diff...
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    How much is this steaming pile of crap worth?

    i wouldn't mind it if someone gave it to me, it's kind-of cool. but yeah, i wouldn't pay anything for it, i'd make my own :)
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    If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong

    Just a lil' thing... realise that we are all doomed to death anyway (regardless of how good/bad we may behave) and that the reality is that God is offering to restore us (through Jesus) to the wholeness and immortality that was enjoyed before the fall. Think about it, He could have put the...
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    Islam Discussion

    hmmm... hell. i think the only people that will endure hell are those that reject Jesus' invitation to heaven. The pain of hell is essentially separation from God and it's a choice - you choose to live separately from God now, that's your choice, that's how it will be forever. No-one is forced...
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    It is getting hard to justify...

    hahaa - imagine if howard actually said that ^ :D
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    Archaeologists Discover Ancient Church

    ^ yeah it was found in northern Israel. I guess church seems more of an English thing because that's where it became more mainstream. When actually the first Christian 'churches' involved small groups of believers meeting in each others houses in the Israel/Middle East area, shortly after the...