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  • Umm, not sure if my reply sent properly to you... just send me a message to tell me if you got it or not. thanks.
    Hey Chris,

    I recently seen your posts on this forum http://community.boredofstudies.org/1094/general-discussion-2015-hsc/340305/help-hsc-please-im-going-so-crap.html in trying to help out someone during the HSC, good on you by the way. I read, one of your points where you wrote 'I improved by 30% in chemistry, mathematics and extension mathematics from prelim to trials' which really hit me as i seem like im in the same position you were with my marks being around high 50%'s and low 60%'s. I guess i'm asking for detail on your transition to achieving a 30% increase in your chemistry which relates to my biology and your Mathematics which relates my General Mathematics. Thanks in advance.
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