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  • haha yeah, second last exam for me tomorrow - only have bio and chem left :)

    aww that's preety cool. My brother actually did something relatively similar - did a business course at UTS part time and worked with Price Waterhouse Coopers (cadetship, I think). I'm preety jealous of him actually, haha.. getting payed a decent amount straight out of high school whilst everyone else is in debt! haha. What organisation will your possible co-op be with?

    But yeah, for me.. I had planned to do medicine, but unfortunately my UMAT wasn't really up to par. It is still something that I'd love to do, so I'm most likely going to go into an Adv Science course and try again from there.. it's not ideal, but I'm hoping it will all work out :)
    ahh right! of course I remember you haha. :)

    ahha, it's going okay.. absolutely cannot wait till it's all over but! :)
    haha nah, I think your hearing wrong :p,

    hope your doing okay! What are your general plans for next year anyway? :)
    excellent paper! smiling to myself when I opened it for the first time, fuck was I happy :p hope you found it great too, gl again for tmr~
    at the v back :p

    i'm feeling too calm at the moment, didn't touch AOS in the holidays cept for tutoring haha

    should probs start memorising my creative sometime. gl tmr!
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