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  • Hey, It seems that i am yet another person in need of your Into the Wild notes (film). If you still have a copy of them could you PLEASE Please send me a copy :)
    My email is shane.m@exemail.com.au . Thank you so much!!
    Hi! I've just seen how many people are asking for your notes so hopefully you aren't sick of giving them out, but I was wondering if you could do the same for me?! It would be greatly appreciated! My email is tomoanderson@hotmail.com ! Thank you so so much! :)
    if you're ever here, I would really appreciate it if you sent me your notes on the film Into the Wild, it'd be a great life saver! email is rickyms2008@hotmail.com

    Please I know you must get a lot of these requests but it really would help a lot. Thanks in advance!
    Hi there, if you had the time, i was wondering if you could forward me a copy of your 'Into the Wild' movie notes if you had the time? It would be extremely appreciated! Thank you, hit me up at caitlinxg@hotmail.com :)
    Hey! I too would really appreciate looking over your notes on Into the Wild if that's possible? Hit me up at lisarexley@gmail.com please, thanks heaps :)
    Hi Cinnamonster,

    I was wondering, after seeing a thread you commented in you have/had many great ideas about about the film Into The Wild.

    I was wondering if i could have access to your notes on this film....

    My email address is datrueaussjake@msn.com

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.
    Thank you for the rep :)
    People need to understand how important it is for Eurovision to have such atrocious acts. :D
    yo nigga, you dont want to be playin no rep game wit me

    ill rep yo ass out of the motherfuckin game motherfucker

    stay out my way you punk ass bitch or i gon slam my iron fist down and pump yo shit
    I looked at your deviant art gallery, it's really cool. I can't stop looking at the cloud vomit and fun picture, IT'S SO COOL!
    helloo Cinnamonster!
    thanks for the rep :]
    and, I saw your cupcake gallery/blog,
    and it looks really pretty [and tasty] ^^
    Oooh, I shall have to keep an eye out for that ;)
    What did you think of Amy? I love Scottish people, but her accent is pissing the shit out of me.
    And people are kicking up a stink because of what she wore and being a kissogram.
    Just checked out your deviantart page-- all your pictures of cupcakes *drool* Very nice.
    And I read that you liked the new ep of Matt Smith as the Doctor??
    Op-shopping, cupcakes jazz and vinyl, House, Doctor Who, bright colours, jelly beans,
    AND Douglas Adams! Watch out Alex! I think you have a competitor! :p
    hey man, i see that you did bowling for columbine as your related text for advanced english conflicting perspectives? Funnily enough im doing that and Julius Caesar but seeing as you're doing the same related text as me i was hoping you could shed some light by the way of techniques which are employed by Moore because i struggling a bit to be honest!
    If its too much to ask dw bout it

    Hi, was reading one of your posts, sorry if seeing many people have asked you this. Would by any chance would you please be able to send me your notes of into the wild? Thanks sooo much sorry for the inconvienience!
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