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  • hey! sorry i only just saw your msg asking for my MW from last yr for EE2... If you'd still like to take a look at it, email me at mel.low@live.com.au and i'll attach it that way. Otherwise, all the best with your MW :)
    you're welcome. i got some good things written doing exercises in class: a half page on mushrooms being antidiscriminatory and a fancy ball that i might use. the part i was struggling with was finding a mentor. i had someone arranged for me since i didn't have one and she really likes my idea so this is going to be good. i just hope people like my work :)
    hi :) if you're having trouble coming up with an idea for your major work, i suggest you think of an activity you do every day or a friend you're close to, and just see how much of a story you can write about them. all people in my MW will be very loosely based on people i know. or you could ask an english teacher for a topic to write about and just see how that goes. just keep trying different ideas until something flows. good luck :)
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