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    CSU Bathurst

    hey hey hey my names phoebe!! you havent got it yet?!?! that sounds wierd i mean ive had mine for weeks and weeks, but i got into csu in the early rounds, so thats diff from you but if i was you, id ring up and ask if you can get it over the phone, if not ask when it will be sent...
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    CSU Bathurst

    Hey Lazy, mmm looks like its just you and me that will be at csu from this forum bex ohhhh you still have 3 months, poor you well i only just had my 18th last weekend, haha so im happy it came about before uni starts! ive seen the program on the web site, but its pretty vague, not...
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    CSU Bathurst

    yah i didnt want to live in the self-catered cottages, cooking takes too much time, so i went with the catered! im not diggings...i think its called premium catered or something i dont know if any cottages are specifically for overseas students..but i got told that heaps of students in the...
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    moving out

    likewise...for location reasons couldnt possibly travel 8 hours to uni and 8 hours home soooo im staying on campus bex i think the rooms are pretty small everwhere at every uni the towers reminded me of jail..haha which is why i put them as my 3rd preference, although im sure the...
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    CSU Bathurst

    well here's the answers to my question in the other thread, ignore that one bex the towers hey?? i didnt really like it soooo much myself, it was my third pref....i got into my first which was catered cottages, should be good cant wait for o week!!! :D
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    What Course and where???

    now going to do sports journalism @ CSU BATHURST bex!!!! wow a fellow csu student! are you living on campus? if so, which accom?
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    CSU accomodation

    anybody have any ideas about preferences for this yet (at bathurst campus) ?
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    2002 UAI's

    just checked my uai like 5 mins ago as soon as i got home and omg haha i got still thinking it might be someone elses!! and i estimated id get in the 80's! shit this fantastic, lol already into uni but scholarships here i come!! well well well....mostly happy posts i see :D...
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    2002 HSC Marks

    waaaay better than i expected!! chem - 90 pd/h/pe - 96 business - 95 eng adv - 87 maths - hahahahahah....76 ohh well i was thinking id get around 70, maybe 80's for all subjects so im damn happy! :D
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    VOTE UR estimated UAI (warning!!!!)

    yeh im hoping for around 99.95 ;) kidding, kidding lol no natstar, im not seriously one of those 99+ people, anything between 85-95 will suffice then again i dont really care cos im into uni but a sweet uai would be nice when applying for scholarships :D
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    Avril Lavigne...

    wow, what a coincidence, im actually just listening to Avril i must say i wasnt keen on her music at the start and i dont go much on the 'im a punk look' but honestly, her cd is excellent - album of the year type stuff, i was quite surprised
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    I'm definately against euthanasia always have been always will be
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    Aussie Open

    yeh its official flyin' hingis wont be in melbourne..she's not playing the adidas international either im not sure exactly what reasons were cited for her withdrawal im guessing it has something to do with a slow come back from ankle surgery and various defeats i so dont think she'll...
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    Aussie Open

    yeh martina is cool pity she's pulled out of the open though
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    Aussie Open

    sampras :eek: he's old ugly bald greying and close to retirement will never win at melbourne cant stand hewitt either there are plenty of hot young guys moving up through the ranks, and yes they can play!! havent decided on a favourite yet :D