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Recent content by damnhsc2006

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    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    damndamndamn we've got less than an hour! Darn!! hope i did alright!
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    Maths Ext 2 - General thoughts on the exam

    Re: Maths EE2 - General thoughts on the exam only relief is the fact that i have finished stupid 4 unit...no more complex, no more mechanics in my life......it was an easy exam compared to other years, but still, i did it crap. (crying) I just hope that i will get higher than 80's.....
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    Paper 2 Modules

    Cinema Paradiso one was quite easy, wasnt it?
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    Paper 2 Modules

    this paper 2 was much better than stupid journey one... Listening was okay too...but our freakin' supervisor kept on making stupid noises at it pissed me off a lot.... and i personally found Kylie's mother question a bit ambiguous. Did any one write down its answer as 'Her mother is a...
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    General Thoughts

    damn i screwed my one..-_- i dont know...i finished all of section 1 but i think i went crap... the article bit was damn hard, i hate all the paper makers and....essay bit... yeah, it was true that it was really straight forward nice and easy question... but that means everyone will do...
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    Predict ur marks!

    paper 1 section 1 - 19/25...? section 2 - 14/20.......i seriously did crap...even tho it was easy.. paper 2 section 1 - 16/20(???) section 2 - 15/20(??) listening - 15/15 (-_-?)