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    Who Is Studying Science At Uow In 2009

    Doing International Science (yew) Not exactly sure what I will be following though.. probably medicinal chemistry But mostly the first year subjects are the same
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    Family's reaction to your UAI?

    I can relate Wixxy I got a 92.80 (I was going for 95.. maths and bio failed along the way) My parents were ecstatic, I was slightly disappointed, But hey, I got into International Science last week :D UoW for the win
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    I think I got dux: 92.8 Gogo our school The thing is, there's like 5 of us between 90 and me
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    UAI Guess Competition

    User: Darrow UAI Guess: 96.25 Actual UAI: Date Signed: 16/12/08
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    Straight up vodka isnt all that bad But try rum, I know it sounds bad, but its actually nice straight up
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    Kidman upsets Aborigines

    I have never heard of this If the Aboriginal community is taking such offence, why do they allow the sale of their "Sacred" items in gift stores where many females of all ages try them out And shame on the media... why the hell does anyone actually care
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    Early Entry, Who got in?

    I got guaranteed Adv Med Chem It seems like a really popular degree
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    International Science

    Yeah, they let me know last week A few days after my interview *Stoked*
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    International Science

    Just wondering who applied and who has been awarded a position already
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    Hardest Option

    Ok, which do you think is the hardest option? Also, do you think they would scale options relative to each other?
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    Chemistry of Art

    Ugh, That Vanadium one was completely left field for me...Dont remember doing anything like that at all Mmm, also the first question was like the most complicated! Crystal field line splitting! Come on!!
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    Doesnt that make it B? BOD would be high in an estuary So would TDS Gah I need the question All water flows to the estuary remember..
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    Section I: Short Answers

    The electron flow of the galvanic cell was from Nickle to Cl- (the platinum acts as a catalyst for the reaction) So, wouldnt Cl gas form?
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    Chemistry of Art

    For the 400 or so people that do it How do you think you went and what was with that Vanadium oxidation state question where you had to find a graph and justify it Wtf was that! The 7 marker was a gift though
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    For 12 I got B Explain why it is A