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    pharmacy @ usyd , opinions ... etc

    oh dear, no longer havin the stat test, i can see why they are so desperate for students and such a low ATAR of all time they seem to be greedy tryin to fail more students becuz pharmacy is underfunded atm
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    A few question about getting into pharmacy at usyd :)

    lol from someone who isnt even halfway in their 1st yr uni and completed their hsc last yr that 97% stat only reflect internship yr but when you actually apply for a job, its much lower than that i'm not sure about you, but pharmacy is a mess why do you think the ATAR cut off for pharmacy this...
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    No 1st yr is quiete a bludge, though there are few subjects that you may need to study harder for whilst others you can leave till last minute and breeze via easily 2nd yr i think was the most hardest
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    A few question about getting into pharmacy at usyd :)

    hospital, rural (fairly bland for me), pharmaceutical industry-designing new drugs, chemical structures gives me a headache >.< international, research
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    A few question about getting into pharmacy at usyd :)

    no, there is no favouritism there were some ppl that didnt do any science courses and did fine stat is just a hurdle i think the the degree is enjoyable to some extent especially when you get to 3rd yr where you learn the important stuff 1st yr is basically useless, 2nd yr was really difficult...
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    pharmacy @ usyd , opinions ... etc

    dont do it if u want to get into community pharmacy-its way oversaturated
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    Pharmacy ?

    lol i think all of us had this in mind when wanting to study pharmacy but i wouldnt take the risk, all the good locations wouldve been taken, its usually partnership and u need to fork out $$millions its not that easy if you just want to open a CWH, i can assure you how many pharmacy owners have...
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    Pharmacy- low job prospects?

    not sure about your friend, but they can be discriminatory if your an international student or not fluent at english- happened to a friend of mine To OP- if your not considering doing community pharmacy (which is highly saturated), then that shouldn't be a problem if your opting to do something...
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    USYD Pharmacy

    your best option is to avoid pharm, it is very hard to find jobs as a pharmacist atm and with big discounts chains like chemistwarehouse, cincottas- pharmacy is down the drain, lower wages, pretty much the scripts are handed and counselled by pharmacy assistants
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    Failing subjects and youth allowance

    Is there concession exams in pharmacy???
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    Introducing: Dentistry at La Trobe University

    Just wondering, when you graduate, where do you normally start off like working in hospitals or something and how long it normally takes before you can successfully start your own business?
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    impressions of first pharamcy day

    wow you serious, thats like 40% of people you wont get to see from 1st yr lol
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    New Pharmacy 3rd Year Curriculum

    hey anonymus, can we find placement at our own workplace (working at chem warehouse) and get paid for it as well? or is placement suppose to be mainly voluntarily work?
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    Apply for accomodation scholarship at usyd which is worth 4k
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    USYD Pharmacy Roll Call '10!

    Your ATAR is really high, how come you decided to do pharm? congratz on ur results btw =]