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    Teacher, Lawyer, Psychologist..... I could use a second opinion please! :D

    It's a Masters or two years. Don't become a Psychologist unless you really want to - it is pretty competitive. You will need to be motivated.
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    Results for semester 1/2010

    Really amazing, wowwww!
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    Results for semester 1/2010

    Psy247 hd psy234 hd psy246 d psy250 d
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    ANU vs UNSW vs USYD vs Melbourne vs Macquarie finance/commerce?

    Glad whatever uni you go to teaches you try write in paragraphs..
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    Medical Science at Macquarie?

    I don't know...but "Something's Coming".
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    Medical Science at Macquarie?

    Well that's something, I guess.
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    Studying Psychology

    If you want to be a *clinical Psychologist* then you do need the study (though note that you can also do 2 years of supervised experience instead of a Masters degree - at least you used to, which may be suitable). But you don't actually need a masters degree to be a 'counsellor'.
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    27/5/10 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? [full class cancelled, argument, security called]

    Re: Thursday 27/5/2010 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? Pics or it didn't happen? But srsly this must reach YouTube...I'd feel schadenfreude if it like hit ACA or whatever about the 'state of our universities' etc... We'll be up there with the ranks of Geoffrey Leonard and Crazy Dog Man!
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    Medical Science at Macquarie?

    It isn't that clear how the students will be 'part of' the hospital it?
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    What's your GPA now? (undergraduate,MQ)

    Bitch pls. When I study with other people, they drag me down. (I kid).
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    Internet @ Uni

    I noticed the internet worked surprisingly well yesterday..maybe it is making a come back.
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    What's your GPA now? (undergraduate,MQ)

    4.0 Psychology. (We have it easy though, since Ds and HDs are both 4)
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    B Psychology At UNSW/Macquarie.

    USYD is credit for first year, but *distinction average* for 2nd or 3rd year. MQ you need 70 (half way between credit and distinction) to be eligible for honours. If at the end of 3 years you don't reach this requirement, you will take out a BA-Psychology. (Contrasting USYD where it seems they...
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    Internet @ Uni

    +1. Fucking pisses me off now. (It did used to be fine in 2009/early 2010).
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    Old library building?

    They should totally turn the old library into a mental asylum so all the first year students can play with the inmates and attempt to diagnose them after the 1 psychopathology lecture!11! but wtf they want to demolish the current 'campus experience' building? is the atrium/food courts (well...