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Recent content by dominekyrie44

  1. dominekyrie44

    How to revise Biology???

    Hello everyone, I really want to study more for Biology and lately I have been keeping up and ahead of my class, writing notes on pre-readings and revising past lessons by reading past notes and sometimes making questions based on my notes and answering them. Although I feel more confident in my...
  2. dominekyrie44


    Thanks for the help sorry I know jack shit abt university 😭 doing the bare minimum HAHA BUT THANKS
  3. dominekyrie44


    HAHHA I actually fw bio I was just so lazy and unmotivated I didn't study for it 😭 Sorry letting the people down
  4. dominekyrie44


    Hello, I go to a top ten selective school (I don't want to disclose) and I was wondering whether or not my Preliminary marks would guarantee early entry for UTS, USYD, WSU. English Advanced - 85% English Extension 1 - 85% Business Studies - 78% Society and Culture - 82% Modern History - 70%...