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Dr. Zoidberg
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  • Haha, thanks, I just had no life for a year :)
    Which school did you go to?
    I see you're doing pharmacy at USYD this year! My names Yvette and I'm doing it too! You sound quite knowledgable about this course already! Do you know anyone else who's doing pharmacy?
    Hope to see you around!
    Yeah haha.

    Bus to parra station, train to redfern & walk to usyd everyday! Nice.
    Fatima! But everyone calls me fayeee! =D
    Haha, seriously getting so excited for uni!
    Gonna be hectic!

    What school did you come from?
    Haha indeed!
    Crazy number of hours a week for 4 years.
    I can't wait :D
    I'll look out for ya! What's your name? Baha.
    yeahhh but since my ATAR ended up being much higher than i thought, im seriously considering commerce/science at sydney
    we'll see what happens though
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