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Recent content by dtmliao

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    Music 1 Aural exams!

    Hi McSwag, Make sure you know the concepts of music really well and try to practise with past papers with the CD recording so you can get used to answering different excerpts or maybe go on Youtube or Spotify and write responses to excerpts of different songs. In terms of answering the...
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    ATAR estimate

    Hey guys, Can someone give me an ATAR estimate? trial ranks: english standard 22/91 2u maths 91/197 music 1 3/15 senior science 42/81 chemistry 77/109 school rank: 68 in 2017
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    Common words or phrases to use in Music 1 aural trial/exam?

    Hi Danneo, There is no specific wording you need to use but whatever observation you are making about the excerpt, you need to make reference to the question. For example, if the question asked is 'describe how pitch is used in this excerpt', say you talk about melody, you comment on it and...
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    English standard advice

    G’day thanks for replying guys Can someone pls clarify some questios: 1. How is the externals worth 75%? I thought internal and external was 50 2. On average, for std eng do u need to get a raw mark of above 90 for b6 3. Since avd and std are in some respect marked together, do I need to...
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    English standard advice

    Hey guys, My marks so far, including the half yearlies are average around 64 per cent and my ranking is so far 18/96. Is like a low b6 still possible at this point?
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    Possible to get Band6?

    Getting 84% so far is a great start. I mean, I think to get b6 in 2u maths you like a raw mark of 80 something.
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    band 6 still possible?

    Hi guys, So recently after the half-yearlies, my ranking is now 18 out of like 96. I've been told that a band 6 may be still possible. Need some help from you guys btw there are two more essay tasks before the trials
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    standard to advanced, still possible?

    Thanks guys for replying. The essay task before the half yearlies I mentioned was on Mod B
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    standard to advanced, still possible?

    Hello everyone, I am a standard student and I really want to be given a chance to do advanced. My rank is 28 out of ninety something, based on the essay task before the half-yearlies (haven't got my mark yet for that). Maybe some you guys have seen this happen before idk but do I still have...
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    2U book comparison

    I have the old version of Fitzpatrick (yellow book) from the 80s I think and i'm not sure if I could solely rely on it for studying as idk maybe the language/explanations back then is too outdated???
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    2U book comparison

    Hey everyone, Out of the three books Excel (Lyn Baker), Cambridge and Fitzpatrick, which one do you find most effective?
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    Excel study guide

    Thanks mate and Wootube is run by Eddie Woo which happens to our head teacher maths.
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    Excel study guide

    Hi all, What are your thoughts about using the excel study guide for 2u maths for HSC? Is it useful to study from?
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