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    Multiple Choice Answers?

    nah mate i rekon 8 was D. i read somewhere about oxygen conc being to high in terrestrial environments for softbodied organisms.
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    Multiple choice-Q14

    i did all that workin and put c wtf. maybe i put it wrong into calculator :( farrrrrk
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    secrets to chemistry success

    two atoms are walking down a street. one atom says to the other, "i lost an electron". the other says, "r u sure?". the other replies"Yeah, I'm positive". bring that into the exam; 100% for you. (:
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    Answers to General Maths Exam

    definently 100% for this test.
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    General Thoughts - Biology

    i rekon i got 100%
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    Who is expecting to get spanked by chem?

    ill prolly get 100% just puttin it out there