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  • hahahahaha!!!! You're Sarah's bf!!!! Then I DEFINITELY know you! (or know of) :p
    She's talked about you to us :p. How cute. Best of luck mate, and seeing as you know Sarah better than I thought you did, give her a big chrissy hug and kiss for me :D
    Ah Gosford! (Finally figured out where the 6 degrees of separation was) So you must know Natalie and Sarah! I just saw them for a post-HSC High Tea last Sunday, if you run into them again - say hi!!!
    I'm really excited! Two other girls from my year are going for physics, and another's going for chemistry. I'm not quite sure about biology... are there many from your school?

    I've looked at the international syllabus (which is apparently what we're covering), and it seems like it'll be fun. I think the questions they'll give us in our final exam won't test an ability to replicate the content though... they'll probably require us to think!

    Do you know if we get to go on any excursions during our stay? I think we go to the synchrotron, but I'm not sure... it's going to be so strange staying at monash, because a few days after the program finishes, we go on our school camp in one of the dorms!
    Hey Oscar!
    No, I didn't go to the final assembly today. But, I heard it was pretty sad though. I heard Rex was crying and it was pretty touching or something like that. :( Anyway, yeah I'm looking forward to holidays. Checked your profile, and congratulations for making it into the Physics Olympiad! If anyone from our school were to make it in, it'd be you.
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