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  • I'm not sure what uni. But maybe Griffith cause there's a Biomed advanced course there. I just hope I get the marks cause my school is ranked so crappy... And I hope I don't change my mind either cause Biomed was hard enough to settle on!
    Which uni do you want to go to? Or are you open to anything?
    14 units? That's crazy! I dropped hospitality at the start of Year 12 cause I didn't like it and I didn't want so much remembering to do. Good luck to you with it all though! You must have tonnes of assignments. (I thought it was bad cause I have 5. Now I'm starting to think I'm lucky.)
    Haha ok, it's sorta creepy cause the course I want to do at the moment is Biomedical Science. Very similar. I did want to do medicine, but I didn't want to do the UMAT and I don't think I want to be at uni for that long. Bio is one of my favourite subjects, but I'm not sure if that's cause of the content or my friends... There's so much to learn for exams though!! Surprisingly, my most bludgy subject is English Extension. How about yours?
    Hey, I realised that you have a lot of the same interests as me (well, a few subjects and your interest in biology stuff after school)... Do you know exactly what you want to do at uni? Or are you still indecisive?
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