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  • hey mate!
    random question but do you happen to have "Chemistry HSC questions sorted topic-by-topic"?
    If you did.. I would appreciate it greatly! I'm attempting to help current HSC students and it would be very convenient and useful. Thanks
    haha nahh, you seem really smart =\ LOL, have you finished all exams btw? what you intending to do next year in uni? :)
    Haha your up late :p How do you think you went in chem. overall?? Could i ask what school you go to? (or if your a selective school students atleast?)
    hey i just got my premium membership but it doesn't let me view the premium resources can ya please help me out?
    Please don't feed the obvious trolls in the hsc forum, you make my life harder and that makes me want to hate you :)
    I suck at English. What are you currently studying in English?
    Do you get any tutoring?
    When are your half yearlies?

    Do you share your email? Or is that creepy for you?
    Wow, we're doing the exact same subjects (except I'm doing 1 more than you + ext)
    How are you going with it all?
    Help me...?
    i am an english tutor and with friends we have just started our own tutoring company.
    i graduated in 2009 from PLC Sydney with an ATAR of 98 and the students i tutored last year all got in the 90s for english:)
    english is a lot of hard work but its also about knowing what the marker wants! and being through the HSC twice! (me and my students!) i know what they are looking for!
    i had an excellent teacher but nothing compares to one on one help!!
    let me know if youre interested

    good luck!
    0404 079 231
    Nah i ride mtb, but am looking to get into bmx when i can scrape together some cash to get a decent bike-probs a wtp justice; should be halfway through next term(hopefully). hbu?
    "The world communicates" is meant to be the easiest topic, it's more memorising large chucks of text than maths.
    Man I have mixed feelings about this new avatar of yours. On one hand it is ultra beautiful but on the other hand I feel a bit envious :(. But it's ok, very niceee avatar.

    edit: mine is still better :p
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