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Recent content by fly.away.fairy

  1. fly.away.fairy

    sooooo in love

    ...but being bitter is so much fun:wave:
  2. fly.away.fairy

    sooooo in love

    Bets on how long itll last! Whos in? -- steffiduck
  3. fly.away.fairy

    sooooo in love

    This is pathetic. I really hate people.
  4. fly.away.fairy

    weight training - necessary to work stomach?

    Doing muscle training on your stomach wont necessarily give you a 6pack unless you train really hard and focus on that area. It will just tone you all round the area. But its not 'necessary', if you dont want to do it.
  5. fly.away.fairy

    Is your best subject your favourite also?

    My best subject is Society and Culture, im coming first! But its definelty not my favourite, because we never do anything and i try and skip it as much as i can :P My favourite is chem and i do pretty well but definetly not my best in terms of marks.
  6. fly.away.fairy

    i&s Andrea del Sarto

    This poem made me cry and you KNOW IT! Firstly, his art being turned into a way of material gain rather than just ART is the critiscm of the materialism and importance of wealth at the time of Brownings context. Thats all i can think of for now because im freaking out over something else, but...
  7. fly.away.fairy

    focus groups - perception of russians

    Thanks everyone for your comments ! The next on in the series is: "The way of life in Russia is very simple. Russians love to eat rye bread with herring and drink vodka the same way the British drink their 5 o'clock tea. The fashion for fur coats and hats is at all times high and the cold...
  8. fly.away.fairy

    What will you do when the HSC is finished? Life after the HSC...

    Re: HSC'S FINISHED!!! (what will you do) My friends and i are making a bonfire with all our school stuff, uniforms we dont need etc then partying all night long and getting completly wasted, then formal , schoolies and then travelling to europe before going to see my family in russia.
  9. fly.away.fairy

    focus group - please participate - perception of russians :)

    Hey guys! Please spare a few minutes to participate in my focus group as posted here -- http://community.boredofstudies.org/489/school-assessment-surveys-research/142330/focus-groups-perception-russians.html#post2884424
  10. fly.away.fairy

    focus groups - perception of russians

    Hello all! I would be so appreciative if you guys would take a minute or so to answer a few questions, and participate in this focus group. I will love you for the rest of your life :) !!! My name is Natalie Bibina, I'm a year 12 high school student and I’m doing my PIP project on the...
  11. fly.away.fairy

    results in half yearlys

    I got 45/50 aswell :) Im pretty happy with that, since its the top mark!!
  12. fly.away.fairy

    focus group - please participate!

    Rites of Passage are like the stepping stones that an individual must pass throughout their life to gain acceptance and respect in society. ?
  13. fly.away.fairy

    My Poem...

    Hmm..interesting. Definetly what goes through everyones minds at one point or another, but as my wonderful english teacher would say ' A tad to teen-angsty'. But i love it, lol
  14. fly.away.fairy

    The First Kiss

    Year 11,At a party, with a guy from school. I was really drunk, and all i remeber was trying ot make out with everyone, so yeh i guess he got lucky. I was completly repulsed though - he was a terrible/slobbery kisser. I remeber coming to school and thinking - I AM NEVER MAKING OUT WITH ANYONE...
  15. fly.away.fairy

    Fear of commitment-for the girls

    I completly get you. This happened to me, basically every time i liked a guy and we started going out. As soon as he showed some sort of attachment/getting closer i would in a way be repulsed, see all the bad things and run like hell. Its been crap. After talking to a friend i realise, it might...