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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official A-League Thread. Actually I know a few people wo would be alowed at that age, BUT there does seem to be an actual problem with Sydney fans. First its the fat kid throwing a water bottle now this. It has only been three seasons and this is the crowd that we are atracting.
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    Great forum to meet horny teens!

    No wait! Trollfest?
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    Great forum to meet horny teens!

    Vote 1 Quah
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    15 yrs old French boy gang raped in Dubai

    The OP was saying that this was not the first such case. He was saying that this thing happens often and was not basing his entire opinion on this one article.
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    Are you smart?

    Just go for him. Who cares who else is there
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    What was the last CD you bought?

    Origions of symetry - Muse It was the last album of theres didn't have and I only bougt it for $10!!!!
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    Soft body

    Lie on you side and raise your leg in the air then bring it down. Keep on doing this and you will feel it hurt
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    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Light blue and white shirt from yd. When I was buying it the lady who was serving me had reallyreally bad breath but she kept on talking to me, so I made really short talk but then again I didn't want to seem rude either
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    gf help

    how do you know? Arn't your eyes shut aswell?
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    Red bull

    I think i drink about 4bottles of Red Bull a week. hmmmm thats not good at all
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    What games are you playing now during the holidays?

    kjhdgfhdljfgdsalgflad!!! are you serious??? I was at the store loking around and went "oh cool I shoud bye that. I do want it" and some new girl served me who was having her first day
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    4 the Girls - what's the fine line between...

    stfu and suck my dick whore
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    Train fares to rise (Sydney)

    I think for a return the increase would double, or at least come close. Hey they have just got some americans for 20mil to come and fix our rail. The need the money from somewhere
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    What games are you playing now during the holidays?

    I bought Age of empires 3 the other day. Installed it and then! it didn't work. I can't understand why. It says the graphics card isn't able to support it but my computer supported Dawn of War which requierd the same graphics and more RAM. I think I'll upgrade my comp anyway
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    Last movie you've seen?

    Snatch. Love that movie.