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    Adam and Eve or Evolution?

    The question of who wrote the Bible is not an easy one to answer. But I think it's important to at least know some of the key basics about the broader cultural contexts in which the Old and New Testament's were written. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew with some Aramaic, though...
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    Semester I Chatter Thread (2007)

    Re: Semester I 2007 - Chatter Thread! Aww - :(. Why would Townie say such a thing? As it happens, though, I wasn't in Nicholson today, which was a really mean day. It was rainy and I was sick and didn't get any sleep last night - so, at any rate, you probably wouldn't have wanted to hit on...
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    Semester I Chatter Thread (2007)

    Re: Semester I 2007 - Chatter Thread! I will be free and rather bored between 1 and 4 tomorrow - so, if I do manage to track you down, we shall definitely be chatting!
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    Semester I Chatter Thread (2007)

    Re: Semester I 2007 - Chatter Thread! Is it sad and nerdy that I'm looking forward to Uni starting? Oh, and the best place to get hit on would have to be the Nicholson Museum, next to: 1) The homoerotic Greek amphorae, 2) The mummy in the Egyptian and Mycenaean section (nothing says...
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    Biblical Studies

    This isn't Biblical Studies, but I will be taking 'New Testament Greek and Its World' through the Modern Greek department second semester of this year. I know from discussions with Vrasidas Karalis, head of the department, and who also takes the unit, that it will involve critical analyses of...
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    BoS USyd Roll Call 2007! - UPDATED 19/1

    Re: BoS USyd Roll Call 2007! Goldendawn (but I prefer Marcus) - Bachelor of Arts (Greek)
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    Homosexuality in Australia

    Sophistry, speculation and prevarication do not amount to an argument. If you should find solid evidence to clearly support your contentions, then you would be worthy of the discussion. Without clearly articulated ideas and evidence to support them, there is little reason to humour you.
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    Homosexuality in Australia

    The Democrats may unfortunately have dwindled, yet it is nonetheless unacceptable to spell epitomise with a 'z' in Australia. How well do you know your own country? To conclude that these are my only arguments is specious. I presented the data from the poll as initial evidence. If you would...
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    Homosexuality in Australia

    You clearly do not know your politics very well; the Democrats are not far-left; nothing needs to epitomise itself; and in Australia we spell epitomise with an 's' and not with a 'z'. Even if I were to believe your unexamined assumptions (and I daresay I would find credulity difficult)...
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    Homosexuality in Australia

    You actually believe what the Daily Show tells you? Common sense suggests that an election does not indicate the stance of the majority on any one particular issue; an election is a rather more complex phenomenon. You should also be aware that the survey to be found on Senator Stott Despoja's...
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    Homosexuality in Australia

    The 2006 Youth Poll of people aged between 15 and 20 (which may be found on Senator Stott Despoja's website -, suggests 57% support of same-sex marriage.
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    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    Haha, I did - did you enjoy the boat ride?
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    Rudd new ALP leader

    I hardly feel as though there are any viable options; whilst I would far more willing support Labor than the coalition, both parties leave alot to be desired. Whilst I have a great deal of respect for Kim Beazley, I am glad that Rudd and Gillard are now leading Labor, but it is still to be seen...
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    Examination Results Semester II, 2006

    I charmed the head of the Modern Greek department into telling me my results for that subject early :D - well, not the exact mark, but he told me the grade.
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    Homosexuality in Australia

    The Romans were not the only historical people. And as the Greek saying says (rather ironically) - τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ, οὐδ*ν μ*νει - 'everything is in flux, nothing stands still'. I quote, again: In pre-modern China, for example, whilst Confucian law placed emphasis on the continuation of the...