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    Division of Marking in Elective Subjects

    do you know how they scale electives? because wouldn't the process be slightly different, e.g is your forensic chemistry option part of the exam (in Chemistry :p) scaled against all people sitting the chem exam or just those who did forensic chem? Same question really for all subjects that...
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    Focus and Directrices of rectangular hyperbolae

    well x^2 - y^2 = a^2 is x= +/- a/rt2 where a^2/2 = c^2 so for the xy = c^2 its just that rotated 45, therefore x + y = +/- a
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    Raw band cut-offs. (Updated: 15/09/04)

    so did you just assume 100 in those subjects went to 100, or did someone you know get 100 raw ? D:
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    Question 12

    methane is covalent, water is covalent. process of elimination even if you didnt know hf was coordinate covalent
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    testing for phosphate ion

    wat happens if you got the ion/reagant right but the ppt wrong? no half marks in the hsc?
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    Raw Vs Aligned

    Err what I got from this exam is that you there was an increase in data analysis type questions which is maybe to combat mofos who just memorise excel. Cunts who studied their asses off are going to be getting the same marks as smart people who have an idea of what is happening in each situation...
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    The big ugly AAS reliability/validity question

    What I got from the question: The sample was taken from one site; 5 lots of AAS tests done on that sample. Soil is a not a homogenous mixture so obviously you could get different amounts of mercury if you split a sample of soil into five tests. So why would you discard the 0.6 reading -...
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    Reliability and Validity good analogy of accuracy reliability in the 2001 exam recap
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    Microscopic membrane filters

    yeh you wanna know how good our teacher was she didnt even fucken do the water topic now the way I see it, this is year 9 shit: dissolved solids can't be filtered. but with nano-sized membrane filters can they?
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    Sox and Nox

    Yes and by the same deductive logic the number of aids cases will rise. You see when the acid rain hits my supra it'll wear away the Duco and this will affect my (and other sickunts) ability to pull chicks. Thus I will have to turn to fellow male tarnished-supra drivers for sexual...
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    John Safran vs God

    woah... so come on fellow procrastinators, discuss. Sometimes I'm not really sure if this is good television but then again it fucken shits on idol (hahaha demons!), and all that csi[/insert american state here) crud. Good times, can't wait for the dvd
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    Silly But confusing Q - haber process

    there's no singular answer because each haber vessel is unique. the idea you must understand is that heats are lowered (relatively - industrially these temps are "low") to a stage where forward equilibrium/yield is favoured WITHOUT making the reaction go too slow because of a lack of heat...
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    my hsc nightmare just came true...

    how can it be too late isnt there something to help with unforseen shizznizzle happening to you?
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    my hsc nightmare just came true...

    contact your school bud, get some of that sweet typing advantage
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    catalyst question

    Yes but isn't part of le chateliers principle that catalyst do not favour equilibrium one way or the other