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    Studying photography at Uni

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone could help me when it comes to studying photography at uni? I know the typical courses available, RMIT, CSU Wagga, UWS but I'm mainly looking at the Sydney-area (and I'm not that interested into going to UWS...) I would be willing to go to Melbourne or other...
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    HSC works offered to other galleries?

    Well i thought that David Jones and the gallery in homebush were part of artexpress, but i have heard of one at Hazelhurst.
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    how do you think you guys went?

    It was unusually... generous. But i was a little worried by the 'staging techniques' in Brecht... *shifty eyes* Contemporary was alright, I think i ranted a bit though.
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    HSC art artists...who are the best?

    I don't think it is at all. They want you to express a broad understanding of art and artists, and that would be classified as adding to your broad understanding. :p
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    URGENT! DRAMA ESSAYS IN 1ST PERSON OR NOT? ie aus contemp theatre

    I think it depends on the question for that, StephBack! Just use 1st person when you need to... and 3rd person every other time.
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    Art Express Preselection

    I couldn't be sure, but I think it might be generally if the art teacher looks at it and thinks that it could be a 50/50 but there's just something missing... In my class i got 50/50 and one of my friends got 49/50, and she asked what had happened to that 1 mark and he said it just needed to be...
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    Visual Arts, last HSC exam for most people? :)

    Drama is my last one... but that's soon after Art. So... you know...
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    Art Express Preselection

    Congratulations! I didn't think they sent out pre-selections until after everything had been marked, but it seems they must. They only started going out to schools to mark on the 29th of October, according to my event timetable... :p But mine got sent away so who knows when it gets marked.
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    Section IV - Historical Period

    Re: Section IV - Historical Periods *jives* I sat down when i was studying and went 'I think there is going to be a question on Queens' (AmIII-RamessesII) ... and so that's pretty much the thing i studied the most and there was a question on it! I was soooo happy.
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    Exam Thoughts

    Yes, yes i did. *Jives*. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who didn't like/couldn't do kidney questions.
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    URGENT! DRAMA ESSAYS IN 1ST PERSON OR NOT? ie aus contemp theatre

    It depends on the question... if it says something about your personal experiences, then you obviously write a lot about that. If it doesn't ask much about experiences... or yourself... then don't so much. :p
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    Art & Photography?

    You can still do photography in art for your body of work if you choose the subject photography... you just can't use the photographs you took in photography in your art BOW or vice versa. I don't know who told you that...
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    Module A - In the Wild

    Hahaha, for this one i read the question and i didn't seem to think i needed a plan written down, so i started writing and halfway through realised that it was all a bunch of ramble but it was too late to go back. Let's hope it's good ramble. I have troubles writing about the differences, i...
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    Module B - Gwen Harwood

    I left half an hour for this one, because it's my most hated of all modules so i just didn't care... I did nostalgia, and used The Violets and Prize Giving. But for some reason in the exam i had a mental block and couldn't think of the word nostalgia, argh! But i think it sounded alright anyway...
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    Is anyone else using CNNNN as a text?

    Uh, rightio, thanks for that... especially with the, uh, less than 12 hours left 'til the exam. I think i'll stick with it. Actually.