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    Response to issue of child soldiers

    :smile: Hello! If anyone would like to mark this response I would be very grateful. It was written in about an hour. Originally I wrote this in answer to another question before I realised I had answered it wrong so this question was chosen from online to fit what I wrote. Don't hold back the...
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    EBB/ Gatsby: How bad is my essay, please help

    Hi! If anyone has the time could you please tell me how to improve. My teacher gave me 15/20 but I'm skeptical. Please don't hold back the criticism! I cannot physically write a decent essay and I'm desperate. (I will love you forever if you help me out) :D Module A: (900 words) ‘It is how...
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    Hamlet essay help needed!!

    Hi Teridax and EarthSci34! Thank you both! Your advice has helped me a lot :hug2: Good luck in the HSC !!
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    Hamlet essay help needed!!

    Hi, I'm pretty bad at essay writing and was wondering if I could get some advice from those who aren't! Please don't hold back the criticism! (It's only the intro and first para) Question (Module B) Explore how time and place are used in Shakespeare’s Hamlet to shape the audience’s...