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    Homosexuality in Australia

    I am against discrimination in all its forms. Irrational hatred will not help the advancement of humanity.
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    Homosexuality in Australia

    Homosexual sex will bring an income? Christ, I ought to jump on that immediately!
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    Al Jazeera not in Australia :(

    Nonsense. Take into account the nonresponse bias.
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    Al Jazeera not in Australia :(

    Knew you'd pop up somewhere in here with a comment about those filthy lefties.
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    bitchy siblingss

    The whore! She really should have discussed this with her brother. Now that the HSC is over though, how's the relationship with the boyfriend and his sister?
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    The First Kiss

    Your eyes must have been open too, no? How otherwise would you have seen his eyes open?
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    Sign Out Day!

    We're being given our references on speech night, 6 Dec. Bastards. The whole year will once again have to slip into that vile uniform...
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    wait that long and there'll be nothing left, baby.
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    shcoolies and sex

    Sounds reasonable
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    The Coles Thread

    Re: coles group interview what to expect? You'll just be asked to take part in a few group exercises -- putting together a puzzle, for example -- to see how you work within a group.
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    Inevitable Boredom

    Masturbation wiles away the hours.
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    OMFG wrote wrong student number

    Christ, that's terrible. You'll have to contact the board of studies -- I don't know how one might do this -- and explain your mistake to them. Of course, in order to identify these incorrectly marked papers you will have to remember the incorrect number you've been writing.