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  • hahahahah ! yeahh so funny, i predicted macro, micro, case study & exchange, and that was tested LOLOLOL. gladd it was of assistance to you! :D
    hi !!! i received your money at midday today, I just got home from uni but I will send you your stuff within the next hour or so. you will have it by 7pm! :)
    Sorry not sure dude but 2010 is the only time i've seen an essay on environment T.T.. environment is my weakest topic soo not too sure.
    Yes definitions are needed. You need to structure it like an essay o_O.. eg. I can show you an sample if you have an email adress i'll be able to send some over!!!>

    Example although is here!!..

    Intro (Brief summary.. like an english intro)

    Body 1.)This body will mention positive effects of protection

    Body 2.)This body will mention negative effects of protection.

    Body 3.) Maybe trends and stats on protection.

    I never have an issue with structure, however planning for 5-10mins before the exam is fundamental
    Eco essays , one way of preparing for them is knowing your syllabus well/having up to date and important stats. Also, just write alot of essays plans!! Look at the possible questions they can ask for you and make a generic plan for it for the HSC.

    EG. A generic
    essay on monetary policy

    -include DMO and RBA'S role

    -How interest rates will effect the economy (transmission mechanism)

    you get the idea right??
    haha, thanks
    Conquering Chemistry is the most popular chem textbook for Year 11 and Year 12 and is pretty good at theory parts.
    However, I think Jarcaranda Chemistry (which is newer) is more thorough and sp I think it's good to have both Conquering Chemistry and Jarcaranda Chemistry and use them together.
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