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    Attention law students

    I have been a lawyer for a while. I won't answer your questions in the way you've put them, but I hope this helps. I originally chose law because I was good at English and nothing else really interested me. A lot of your cohort will be the same. You generally encounter students like this...
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    Should I study Law?

    Something like law or political science would work excellently. Aerath is 100% correct with their comments re it being a generalist degree these days. The majority of graduates haven't immediately gone onto employment in legal practice for more than 10 years now if I'm not mistaken.
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    UOW Early Offer Interview - Law 2018

    You'll probably get in.
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    Why do people choose to do Law?

    Your entire post sounds like complete bullshit. How long did you practice for, and in what area? I mean seriously. 'Something boring like torts', stating that 'criminal justice defence' is somehow a rarity. Talking about 'stress' as though anything in law is life-or-death. For fucks sake mate...
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    Fourth year law student - ask me anything!

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    Why do people choose to do Law?

    1. they had the marks 2. they wanted to 'improve the world' and/or defend human rights 3. they had no idea what the law was (see above: various TV shows) 4. their family was in the law. In my experience, that's about it.
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    Fourth year law student - ask me anything!

    I disagree with this statement, but agree with everything else you've said. Source: 2 years private practice, 6 years government. Law does not involve helping people - there are two sides to every case, so you will almost always be fucking someone else over. Do not worry about how your...
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    Importance of Research?

    Research is important if you are seeking entrance to a postgraduate programme, an academic job, or a job as a judicial associate. Beyond these niche areas it is of limited use, but there's no harm in doing it - you'd just be better off focusing on your marks, instead.
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    What sort of WAPM are you averaging?

    I find asking law students about their WAM is as effective as asking males about their penis size. If you ever get someone willing to share, be prepared to hear an exaggeration.
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    You know you're a law student when:

    Shamelessly lifted from the facebook group with a similar name: Mostly accurate!
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    Headings in legal essay

    Just follow whatever the requirements for the essay are. When I wrote my essays I used to just use the same font/size as everything else, but put it on a seperate line and bold it. Nothing fancy, but it was clearly a heading.
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    URGENT!! occupational & organisational crimes

    An example of occupational crime would be a law student committing plagiarism in the course of their full time studies. An example of organisational crime would be a group of law students conspiring to share their answers and colluding in general for an essay question.
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    Who's afraid of the big scary law degree?

    Does UOW study the law of another jurisdiction :confused:
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    Contract rules and Employment Law

    In tedious detail. I'd rather forget it to be honest.
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    Road to the Bar

    Depends what you want to practise in and where you want to practise it. Personal injury is a pretty closed field at the moment and demand for barristers in family law appears to be closing up steadily. I think that as of this month estates law will be nipped in the bud too, much like personal...