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  • Ahh, now i get it..... at least you can stuff up (but at least try your best) but still get in anyways..... lolz...

    Hope all goes to plan, haha
    I heard you want get atar of 90, but the highest atar (for your subject) is 85 or something (i don't think community and family studies will rank well, so i didn't add that)
    Biology, (goal: 75+)
    General Mathematics, (goal: 75+)
    Standard English, (goal: 95+)
    Studies of Religion 1U, (85+)
    Community and family studies, (90+)
    Society and culture (75+)
    ..... how will things work out?? But in that case, i give you my good luck..... and hope you get into your desired uni course
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