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    what UAI did all the EAS peoples get?

    I got 97.75, and everyone at our school gets at least 5 bonus points, not sure what we get exactly. It's because we're a small school in a small town. So, in theory, my UAI is now over 100, at some unis of course.
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    What was your hardest exam?

    Physics by a mile. Ext Maths was difficult because it's supposed to be. Mod history, 2u Maths and chem all seemed OK, and I didn't really have any problems with HE. I gave up guessing how I went in English exams a long time ago *mutters about something about how English having to count favours...
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    Anyone else go crap......

    Walzer: "An American war, fought for American purposes, in someone else's country." I love that quote for Indochina, it can be used in just about any question, I used it in my conclusion and I think it made the essay end on a really strong note. Whether the marker agrees is the question I...
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    Who's the YOUNGEST 2005 HSC Student in here?

    I'm 18 next June the 16th. The youngest to ever sit the HSC at my school and I'll also get the highest UAI at my school. Ever. But that may have something to do with the fact that I'm in the 3rd HSC class we've ever had. And there's an average of 6 in each class.
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    Which Option for You?

    Same for astrophysics. I really have no idea what they were looking for in the 7 marker, ended up writing 3 1/2 pages, hoping something would get me some marks
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    this years band 6 cutoff

    Low eighties hopefully. I thought it was a very difficult exam
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    Multiple Choice

    It's that sort of realism that the paper was completely lacking in. Reliability of information! It was like a bloody history paper!
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    Modern History Exam Thoughts (merged)

    WWI: The first bit seemed as simple as always, I suppose they want to make sure everyone gets some marks. 2nd bit: It was great to actually do a WAR question! My half-yearly was women, trial was Versailles, it was a relief to do something vaguely important instead of the usual history from...
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    Section II - National Study / Personality

    I've got a simple question, was the "period you have studied" or whatever for Trotsky 1879 until 1940 or 1917 until 1940?
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    Chemistry - General Thoughts

    What about that 7 marker with the flow chart? I thought they should have given us more space, I didn't expect to have to cram an esterification diagram into the margin!
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    3 Speeches Wtffffff

    Everyone seems to assume that it's harder to learn a novel than the speeches. I studied 5 speeches in depth, Lincoln, Keating, King, Socrates and Pearson and I can assure you that there was a hell of a lot more to study and remember than there was for Ballard's "Empire of the Sun." The thing is...
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    This year's band E4 cut-off?

    Do you guys think about 62 would scrape in E4? I realise you can't give a conclusive answer but I'd just like to know what you think.
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    This year's band E4 cut-off?

    Am I right in suggesting that a moderated mark above 80 (40/50) is E4? You don't need to get 90 to get in the top bands in extension subjects. At least I hope so
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    This is the first time I've ever posted here, but I think people may be trying too hard for 10ai. y = mx + b The gradient of this line is m. The points (a,a(squared)) and (B,B(squared)) lie on the line, so: m = {B(squared) - a (squared)} / {B - a} = {(B-a)(B+a)/(B-a) = B + a...